Livingston County Daily Press and Argus from Howell, Michigan on September 7, 1988

Ihir zfi Courti Press, Ebfl AusV-‘sltesiay. Setanta 7, 1:3 f H 3 c 0 rn .1 niJX ‘ m (J .YS tf10tyare ; Betystttino; osJflTEB undid far It ekf and I raw oM to bOOto. apmlt otim m pwr , WHX ptVmtH shsflKXM Outd mm, tmtt U Ma? Medical ‘ . arACCmQ AppHcabone for ?e-atdS,f certified mhw’i atarang 19 m bour ASSISTANT wanted Im i orhce. Experience , necessary. Part or to am. ,?Send raiumg toe Boa 8H, , South Lyoa Heart. 101 N. “Uyaa. south Lvo ML DENTAL Assistant for ysto Gftalrtida, aaal appaar w. 2 hours, par DENTAL AaatotonL Expart-nca pratorrad. Pali or psrHkao. Must hava Chrta-sn yatoaa. Cad O1DS7-20M dtyttaa. . , -t – DENTAL aaatatants. chatraido and maaranca 1 Matants tor toam daottotry m quaWy prayoiilally prao-uca. Prator xpartoaoa or -CDA. Ran to MMtota. FNHd-MahouraSatarHMMoWt comotanoorato vjttli obtfdtos and axpartoi lUHanno. DENTAL asata – Haraand. Dantal oiftca la tooktog lor a bnghL onorgollc paraoa fty a parMaao poatooa, CJ3.A. or mminuni 2 yaart axporionco. (.’ no Ssturdays. Wa aro a too ,orintad practtca arhara ‘ T’yJr rm uvn piwivniviH – ai talanl. (J1D4S1-0I40 or , DENTAL aaaiabng atotructor lor conujMjruty acliool prog ‘ ‘ ram. Day or ovoning couraaa. ”Eiparioncod pratorrad. Cad 1111)412-4422 bataroao ‘iNoon. DENTAL HYGIENIST. Hoyyofl dnst wtt a astabttahad prsvonttvo pratllvo naada ‘ anthuaiaaHc protoaalonal lor 14-21 hours par ak. Cad (SU)S4l-224t dayllmo. ‘ (5i7)5B-ravanino. ‘. ‘ DENTAL Hygtanist tor ganar- . al practtca. Band rasurna: P O Box 12. MiHord, Ml ” 48042. ‘ DENTAL bygtonisL Fud or panima position (vakaoia In ptansnt. ratoMd, pualrty ‘ car dantal otfico. Ekoabanl ulary and benaftts. Ptoaaa , cafl (517)54-n30 oaytMM. or ,(5)7)i4M35taWning. , DENTAL hygtonial – part-tona -, dsyi. Brighton tamiiy prac ttca. Sand raauma to: Bo 2W. cio Tha jJial Bt4Argu. 112 E. Grand i .Brighton, Ml 4111 tiiMEXPERIENCEB laN-Ninf iorfteo managar tor fast pacod ophthalmology oltlca In .Brighton ara. Outta tociud ganaral offica suparvtsaon. -, com pu tar bkHng, bght bookk- ‘ ‘ 1 . n . a n Lfnn-f, m nu w. pwy . , ,rurou nK su. aau nasi , Mapla Road. Suita 127. Waal ;:Btoomftotri,MI4g3a. FREE Dantal Assittant trton-‘s tig. bagint this month In , (Bnghton. Foa paid tor Btoaa h o g o a 1 1 1 y . Call ,,x,flifl22t-14H. HIGHLY Progretsiv HowaH -.j Dantal offica i aaoking najipariancadt onargatlc. and ‘ vary organlzod parson to , -it. Approxtmstaly 24 i hour par araak. Soma ; avoning. Ptoa cad Sua ,’, pi7)S4MW3. J HOME HEALTH AIDES ‘ a shift in your ara. Mak ‘ your own bshadula. bvnoma paraonal caro. For mora information, call ‘ WlSS74m. ‘ ” HOME HEALTH AIDES. No ‘ aipartanca naoaasary. Fraa ” training. ExcoUant pay one) bans fit. F amity Homo Caro. r.’P1D22Mg- MEDICAL assistant podiairy. Looking tor top ot Boo assistant for acttva orajc,boa. ‘ Muct ba hard workina individual. Starting (alary 17.00 par hour and Mghor according to txpartonco. Expartancad pratorrad. Full or port-tano. ‘ CaQ13)47l-1f7. MEDICAL BiUarftocnpttoo- lL Expartancad PfH1ma.(Sl7)54s-0;ot. MEDICAL Receptionist, ( Poototrtot and irttornist aeek tog experienced medical ‘ WpUonlt. Nov! area. Salary commenturato artth – xptonce and tuwwtodgo. ” Excahant working conditiora bfrnafrt. Hour Monoey-‘.frlday only. Cal ‘ P13134M740. v – ‘ : MEDICAL RoceobontotSe- “eratary. wantod M-nme tor’ ,v ‘Howell medical spectolty Vofflce. (S17)S4M057. i i 1 1 .lit fgrinEgl, Nurses Aides end Orderlies ‘ PutYourChSdnnonVfBu9 ndThtCoe Wort With U Wo offer flexible hours to meet YOU MMduaJ needs, aa sn8 as a einptote benefit packaoo tar fufltimaernolovwes. .. ‘ Aflarrstoit – Qreenbriar Cart Centw , KUWtstQrtndRlvwf , HowiHyUleJIJ . i’ – r , t-OJE. ‘ ‘ r 10 MEDICAL receptionist, tipanance to made at or podafcy offtco. Mowtoape of haafm insurance aeceeeary. Mut t rahst and a hatd wur tartar. Stanm eatery KM par hour and hvr. aocorOna to experience Ca pn?i-itr MeDiCAL aecretor. Fa. lima (ar eet-patieat parcWame can la f aimton Km has. Hours, Monday WM frtoey. MMpa. ktatura organized todnrtduM exceeent typtoa and wrrite reply and teeume to: On Orchard i aw m ragMtanii ns. Dabble. NURSE AIDES NEvtoPfwruNmES ; ANNAABORBMOHTON ftWBTd HEALTHCARE ” nOFESSIONALS OF ANN ARBOR PC 4S5 EJaanhowor Pkwy. – Button Ann Arbor, Ml mat Offica Hours-. Mon.tFrLM.Wod. 14 NURSES AIDES $5.50 TO START Waal Btoomftotd Nursing Cantor has opontoga on ad ahrfts, pan ttata and tod data lor Nuraas Aidas. N axpart- onca naoaasary. aa aHI train you. Starting aaoa to BVSB r. IT’l”TSr aftaP 7ar vMt had comp. “wn m iitiPfp ” ltrVllVinBc’. Ptoaaa apply: SMS W. Mapto. rrtoay.l atant of PART-TBJE racapttontot tor doctor’s otttca. Typing ragalrad. Will train. (3lH2S-74t2. PHUBOTOMiSTEKG PbW homo tor madtca! lab, Muat ba dapaadtbla. (31471-4111. van RECEPTIONIST anntod tor dantal oRico MMkno. E roar tone prowrad but not nooaaaary. Sand iMumo to: Bo 2WS. South Lyon Mobrtd. loi n. Latayam, sourn Lyon Ml. 4178. RECEPTONtST nsadad part- w gT prryawi a offloe. Eiparlano profarrad artth knowtodga of pagboard i?!iJ””e C” RN. FuB-tiiaa’ParVtiHia Imkt- nights. Must hsva currant RN nun un iiin… .?.?y,rM9! onco daiirad. Sand raauma apply: Brighton 12BS1 E. Grand Rlyor, Bright- on. I. 4111(313)21; P-Q-yhMiifitnl namatf RNs-LPNs NEW HIGH RATESil Staff RaHaf-Horn Car Family Horn Car u (3131ZZMSI3 – RNs-LPNs WORK FOR THE POOL THAT WORKS FOR ALL AREA HOSPITALS HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS OF ANN ARBOR MC. 4S6 E. Eisenhower Pkwy. SuNett Ann Arbor. Ml 4H0S CaHloranappointmant (313)747-6070 113 Nursing Honiee Otetary Aide needed 1:01 a.m. to 2 p.m. mm train. CaH (313I6SS-140I or appty at WsslHicfcory Haven. 3311 W. Commerce. Mittord. FEEDING aaKilMscnadrlorbraak- . wncn and owner. Cod (Jl3W5-t400 or Appty Weal Hickory Haven. 3310 W. COvtlytmfrfOt MttfcXd. HOUSEKEEPERS needed. Fud or part-oma. Appty Weet Wtods Nursing Home, Union Lka.r?ir3S4400. HOUSEKEEPING aides Part-bma. f dava a Call (313)SBS-t400 or appty: West Hickory Haven, 3110 Wet Commerce, Mittord. NURSES Aide and Oroarbos needed fud and part-Brno. Al shift. WW bsto. .Nurses Spm-Tpm, 20 hours week: sam-ipm, 24 hours per week. Call (313)685-1400 or Apply: Weet Hickory Haven, Bit 1U Nursing Heaes HOUSEKEEPER We are tooiu tart depend able person to wort tub-time aayaMUJOawMOptCat lor more letormatiea. WDMO-IMB. Convaiaecewt Whitehall WeWWMao.Wovt : , NURSE AIDES W ara looking tor m J2zIfTJITSl!? -2 ” lTa?B? me oniony to iai eja erne. par hoar. Wo ottor , m Mdo. OtSOaMMV tor ataro inloraiatioa. Whitahail NORSES Aidaa. tud and abtp aov. Apply Waal Wines Nursing Homa, UMoa UhaV Qt)3titoB. PRIVATE duty honta car vailabia. Cootung. tight bouaakaaping, shopping. tar ad atodical aaaialanl. acoaitohf atodonL Rotor nil. Call Tarry Sl7gP7t. – – , RN. LPtL Fuji or part-tona. Appty Waal Wtoda Nursing Hoaio. Uaiaa Lata. OiftSOMla. RN or LPN’a aRarnooa aMR. Bt hours par oaoto Aiao tor diract pattont caro n. ahttt. Call OiMBViaN or appty: Wast Htekory Hayon. znt Comwiarco, MiHord. ANTHONYS fla.taurant BaJkLjua tofsralaf ajtirMsai fcw rSM ZTBtiS?Sh aSL Motyad. BAR MO0Mafy. WMI Ifsin. Apply i BKIAtl halt a At A J p. m knight Asfc for Loung. 114t Pincknay Road. BATES llamburgor ot NoL Upto II an boar. Ad poat- nana. Fud or parMkna. Ratiraa noicoma. Apply within Grand Rtvor and NoylRoad. BUS. dart Iwiuft nr Day 04.7S an Fud or psfl-om. WM kam. Wi work oround behoof achaduto. Flaxlbla hoar. Noyi. (3i))34M234. BUSSERS and hahar. Annhi In nnrMnr ttmm’i Sn Inn. Brighton. vvwe .,..,i. .ml. WJwnj, aiaaporsons. nppry at Staga Stop to. 4020 W. Grand fbyar, Howad. twnJng, W w part-tima, w T”?”!!!!” outoa. ww vain, up to .at tow;4eytti3ia4a$4 DAYSHIFT Restaurant hato Fud and eart-ttoio for waitparaon and cook. Appty at Frank’ Country Overn, BUS Old USHertfand. DENNY’S Now hiring watt staff personnel. Dishweahar at SS per hour. Day sfttR boatea. exceaent wages and benefits. Apply at 27790 Noel Road, near 12 Oak Shopping Mall. 3i3eMJ70, EOE. OISHWASHER BUS PERSON Part-bma. top wage, excei-tord working condiuona. wst train. Abttoy to toam other tobt. Apply In person or caM. MAMA PASTA ITALIAN RESTAURANT Novl Town Canter Matt Q13)3M420 DISHWASHERS, butboyt, and kne cook tor Walnut Creek Country Club in South Lyon. Apply in person. 01437-7337. Dietary Aide needed 140 cm. to 2 p.m. WW train. Cad (313)685-1400 or appty at Wat Hickory Haven, 3310 W. EXPERIENCED cooks, bartender and dishwasher needed. Apply m person at Marion House. 141 Park Drive, ffinsevossi. Dcnfoooor Howell EXPERIENCED bartender, cook end waitresses. Wat train day prep, busboys and dlshwsshera. Apply In poraon: Gu'( ReetauranL 3030 West Grand River. HiRSvQ ad position: hosla sas, bus, bar, wait and kitchan. Apply to person st a WHUker. S703S Grand HfYsJf, N9fff HtfdtOfl. HOLIDAY WN of HoweB to or stisi iQsmQeMn povreonK eWMNiMt Apply BO. – – ‘- HOSTESSES. Nights lVB)(lsMto4tB PtfvttiNB). train. Novi. (31 3)344234. i ‘ Cam Over 350JOPBfWoek Paid Vacationa after I months. Insurance, Free Meals and Daycare Assistance. …. Fast Growing Burger Kino Franchise is hi need of more assistant tnatujoera. Aim Arbor, Westtand and Canton Locations. CaOForlntttYitw ‘ S15-7ei-7CC3 MICHIGAN Gourmet now accepting apoHcettons tor days end nights, part and hit ton daary driver and all poltloa. Call r313VJI7-653I. 1H rWsLaurant KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN . OF . , BRIGHTON ‘.UNDER NEW , OWNERSHIP NO MM lul and part-em hato. S4 to start tor day shift and onty apply. Apply to pdraoK Kontooky Frtod CMokoa of BrightoH. Grand RorjMjHS. NEEDEOj atorBlng and oaaa-, BTlB ‘ &9hWHhtf. WaWVpfarff ” for Alai ar Karaa piimr-MPS. NEED oapanancad gria cook. : Oaya onry. FjcoHard pay tor oparton& or m nav Appty to aoraoft, Lywia Mato i Straat cafo. Brighton, NOW j tor to oooM. Of mA niQti Apply In pbkvobx Boghtofl Csnopy, ISA W. bWIUbT -‘ -1 – PKrw mnfiQ W poVftoOntf, Starting pay oonwnanaiirata with (xpoiciBincs. Apply vNlw be Brighton Pondaroaa. 1522 Waal Grand Rhar.. NOW hjring cook and lutohaa batp. Good pay. Gary’s Catortog. atSH Grand RMr. Non Q114Ma4t. NOW (wrifpQ lev fM pocitefitB. LiiACli writ Mills kHclMM Pi apply wttMn: CtVf mm s umwiq cavDHarNnara. 1K00 E- Grand Rivar at Ptoatanl Vattay. Brighton batwaaa tha hoars of t to-moandsftari pm. OLGA’a Kitchan non hiring rul or part-tono day or night. Hota and cook. (4 St tor atoning. Apply all2 Oak Mad. PART-TIME cook and hjii- Wat train tfta light poraon. Apply In paraoa: Zukay’s Raataurant and Tavorn. 2SM GoHClMbRoad.Honad. PART-TIME yranparaon and bar parson. Apply at J.P.’t Lounga. 7S24 W. Grand Rfcar. Biighton. PREP AND SAUTE COOK Part-time, top waga, a real-lant working condition, wtf tram. Laam Via flna art of lauteing. Apply in parson or catt. MAMA PASTA ITALIAN RESTAURANT Nov) Town Cantor Mad O13))4M420 RESTAURANT Managar. Local mum-un rnttaurant group king protional. I years manaoament export once tor a multi-unit reataur ant lmmdt position, Nov! araa. Excellent growth opportunity. Benefit and ulary negotiable. Send raauma to Koech Manage-mard. 20 North Woodward. Suae tel. Baoonmeid hmi. Ml 4801 j ROAOHOUSE at Oak Point aaitstalf. bartandara. buaers. Apply within S341 Brighton Road. Brighton. UP to 15.00 starting wage, texibte hours. FuS or parV Sme. No expartonce nacee” ary. Application being accepted at Tha A t W Ratuurant. conveniently tocatod toaide 12 Oaks Mat, NovL or cad tor an totorvtow, (313Q40-t414. WAIT person, nights and weekends, part-bma. Wat work around school. Ideal second tob. Flexible hours. WW train. Novi (313-t234. WAiTSTAFF and cook Good condition. (313)117-1121 J R Place WANTED wad parsons, cook, and day oisttwaher. Appty Pincknay ton. 13S East Mato, Ptncfcney.(313)l7l-3070. 1R Help Wanted Genofai J100 BONUS. Sign up to eel more than kjst Christmas MMamm kal toy, gifts, and home decor Zto Fraa 3300 kH Earn uo to ‘piu top. $50 and r wr heetesaee toil book parses. Cal (3i3l2t47l7 to sol or bookparba. IS NEAT tadtoa with pleasant voice to work trom the Smtor, of othcTto totaphone survey work tor aesi Hiirara Hinniaan ttorchants. No experience ivsosesary. Choice otlehlfis. Excedent pay. ttouaewtose and High School girts alrnma Aont to neraon Suiittolto DZ town Mltord located to the KUR Butkttog. AppteaBons being token Monday tvough Frtdar. 10 auto, at pjm. Beginning August 30, MATERIAL CONTROL WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR POSITION AVAILABLE We are an automottve body parts eutoutscturer tocatod kt Lhtooston County, Micrugan. Cwrrentty we aro expending our ptont tacttD)andeuesxnL Wo are preaentty recrutttog a Supentoor lor our Matortol CortroimareiiouM rtocertment The pooV m reukwemto Ineh degree, (or equivaienO, ttwwe (3 years actual work experience si MRP and oood lawtriodge of toettufactortogpocoeae esseoh;cc4nc4anywwbeaphjs. A wapetltlva aatory and ae ithcthei teiwm prooMofteredtoBsMsctodcatvax you era totereetod In beconung aseoeaxtod srWi a otowtofl oroanizatton. ptoeae sutom your and salary recennts to strict confWenoe to: rfvw’v. toatfussbsftM ,, , ‘ : HoenlOcttoH H3 Help Wanted n PEOPU needed tor daptoy work. Start touaadl atoty. tat a week ptu boavMi. Cat tor appoint- NAJL TECHNICIAN WANTED -; …. Maria Norman Mittord SIS-CSS-CttO 55 labor, towndiahi oponawja to Ny. Faraiingtoa, and, WtacoflL Long and ahort torto aaatgnaianto. Cad ManPoajor Toatporary Sarricaa. rJTK71-tt7t. – PE !?:J,f!Mm t pjn.tet pji.Ughf howaa kpaptog terNewl oftka ACCEPTING t tona baM IndualnaL ktaal ba ACNAROWAftS Pvt ttm . aha atarting tkno 2 p.M. Apply at 2H Comiwsrct Drwa, Fanniriqlon Hats. ACT hours. fcjcoHant naming potoWtol (SIrTSTMWS. BS Add to your tooonia.’ vork Friday, Saturday In your local aiiparaiarkaL paaatng out tood ia paopia Cal plM4t-?DB) Monday thra Tburtdty. 11-4 p.m. tor tntorytow. AFTERNOON and midrngW sfuns yattabta to Ca(Sir?5M5ri. AIRLINES Paid training. Top pay, banaftt. Fttght Atton-oanto, Riarationiat. SB) toa. Job Fact. 0ilg74-a7M. AJRUNES. Now Mrtngi Flight Attondant. WW train. Top pay. banaM. tie toa. Job facts. QiW77M. AIRLINES Now Mrtng. Top waga wnh …… – – . .I, , oananta. rugni ananoanrs toading craw, ground powor, ctoncaL Mckat roaoryation and cwtomor aarvtoa. Mala and Fantala. Cad Unitad CTl D647-4t01 Agancy toa 171 limilllTTT STARPWOR! RIGHT If you’re ready to get to work immediately, Kelly Services Is the place to call. Wo havo a wkl variety of interesting assignments available with excellent companies In the Livingston County area. The following positions are now available. Ftctorf Wort Tjpbtm DU Cnby Secretarfe WcWrVecesser If you have experience in any of the above areas, come to Kelly. We can offer competitive pay. vacation pay, Holiday pay and the chance to work with some of the best companies in town. 500 W. Main -Brighton 227-2034 mm SERVICES WWUlliBU I UTTT HNS’Jop ” MaMtomale. Fed kme. w'” train. United 3i3)S47-40rA Agency toe ITS. ALOHAi Would you to to go to Hawaii? I’ Poseibto, Earn fT- p7 Chrtofma toe eeay way. r0″1-0 f!”0 “f.0?1?. “vw- rn. a’fv’ Wfi…y y”11?’ SttP.ZPllT: mckie pirjow iiw, corrne I1IM3I-08S0. Vlehl Pi7)64Bt. AUWUNUM men to covar 4 equare pnrs on ook (313)2743l After 1 pjt. sgn-mh SVF Id Heia Wanted mvei posmons m e abto. Ownaa MKtada daawnaj and atwiog car dime . tog oi ompieys and checking to now veructoe. We ottar fatty paid laaaraaco. Varsity ford Satoa.. Um taa Jan McLaiiaa! OUifW-IJUa. – s. AMBiTtOUS aarwM totor- a caraar w a laat conipany.ffiwavtgy. ANIMAL Cara. Wdl Into. Good ptf . Hiring fNMrl MA ANN ARBOR MARRIOTT m eorrandy ‘ paaktog atoto paopta to tw too MoyMimpftl HOyjMlBMpBYtJ AtfaM Unii RqqibI AtBwfltftnli Bott ttey end wniiiQ pockV bona anaaabt. Fud or part tbao. Ftoxtbto hours. Partact . tana and atodonbx Apply to paraoa Monday through Friday.! a jo. to 4 pan at tha JWI Ptymotftti Nd Aim Arbor, Michigan ttiOS. – EOEMFH A PLUS Tranamajtiona tooth tog tor a tranaaiiaaioa rabud- Good pay. good Atoo lookjng tor a R S R man with aipariaaca. mfla77toktorRob. APPLICATIONS batog tokan parMkna work. Braun Oata or. Fowtoryato 124 Froo Straat (St7)222-I771. Ara you looking tor axtra cashntt W naod laaobt paopia to halp ctoan homo. Randal’ Carpal and Homa CtoanwQ.Ctilglt-tO. A Souttmald araa company soon moving to ft Not araa Is looking tor oavorM aharp irtoMduala tor Entry Laval amptoymanL A wintngna to toam and an abiWy to don) to ma Ing In oar Catlomar nervice, uanvory. yvare-hou. Small Appliance Repair and Service Departments. Moat positions start at S4-SS par hour. Cal Mr. Cotomen, Thursday only. tam-ipm.Crt54er. AWAY! Meeoenftoe PC Operator Swrrchhoard Opera tors 1L1L. km SERVICES if Call Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:30pm v 500 17. Hcln – Drbhtori (33) 227-2034 Not An Agency ‘Novor a Fob! IS H$rats4t tty.i T u. u . . . umTSS Unitod fHM7-)cJ. Aoancy A&tadLV kna tor Hoart and BrtgMoa ptantt. No aipartaato. Call pirMM5n. – ASSlatdLV. No aiparionco. Top pay. tanatits. No Mmgt Sat too. JoN fads. AS&EMBLT to a ‘wrung ytaa a H toador to auparytot Raaaond to: Spoarhaad DavatopnHjnl, f-O- Boa tt. AS3EM8LT isivtoattan and aiaMv af flssabe oarto. Poanr tool ospartonoa bato luL WM featn. futtona. Appty In ptWVOK AM OCbV PlMMCl lyoa – – ASSISTANT Mtup pMPH Mt14 SoW 0feiJlBBllQ pttnt. EjEpbVtWtOal fWVliaTTM, btVl not M0M4Mry. WM vrtriML Apply to pwiM tot 941 WmI stvMto BXjMHBMbtoSBUBS ATTENDANT naodad tor tkno. Apply Tub and Twab-tora, IW W. Grand Rtvar, Brixton. p1g22M24S. ATTENTION MouMOlUoycrt tog toy. Bilia, Ctototowt Fran uuB u. troo InploHawaa (312CT4774. ATTENTION trom poraon with good typing, and tpatitog tkdto. tor and paga. 14 Jd par hour to Start Appty at SligerUvinfjston PubtlCBttons 323 E. Grand River Howell, Ml 48543 Wa ara an Equal Opportunity Emptoyar the best job in town is right in your neighborhood Because T trainees m iiXm J fxn1 restaurant right around the corner from where you live. We offer many special advantages too: Good pay Full or part-time positions (late nights and lunch) Flexible hours Merit reviews for higher pay Opportunity to advance into management Educational Assistance available Make new friends and learn new skills in our fast-paced work environment. Apply at Burger King, 889 West Grand River, Brighton today! Equal Opportunity Employer MFH. Usit Industrtel Workers end Clerks ‘ Needed Immediately For Day & Afternoon Shifts Job Description: Assembly, Packing Warehouse, Shipping & Receiving, Janitorbl . . and Gensral Clerics! TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENTS Day A f ternoon shifts avsIUblt ReUstb transportation LIvlniitcn County Area ICS K!ptiflM ATTTLmTion: Dim to mptd expansion the bailees lenasr BemecleeeinB aamco no tonng. ftaubio payCar”” oaaary qnxn-am – – – – AUTO aawtod. flood pay, tanahto, aonorm, aacationa. Apoty al M l. tSU AnnArtior. AUTO Machame. aipar-toncod. Wall oatabttahod shop. Cat gU)Ztood- ; INTEREST CREDIT RENEWAL SERVICES, Farmers Home A4mlnitraUoi (FrnHA), S477 E. GrftBd Rtvcfdj Hcfpcfl, M lehlgaa,4ti43, PbOOO (S17) S4B-U50, Bder SoltctUtlcm No. 2t-4T-t-ll, sacks tenricea aaacw aytt- able tbrougb tadlvtdu-bb as well as sue rial banks, wrtgatja compantr. Otto tnsur- aaea cootpaaica, tavtep and toaa aaao-daUons, or tooting management firm. Services Include determinations and verification of family and financial atatua to mate calculations on and to arrtv at a proper payment for Government subsidized bousing loans in Livingston County, Michigan. This proposed procurement is a 100 set-aside for small business and Is lor a period of approximately twelve (12) months. If interested,, contact the FmHA ofiiee listed above prior to the closing date of September 19. list, alter which quotes will not be accepted. CREW GIMGER icinG ICS rkMpWanUd at AUTO MacJMMMS aaaoad, CartMad hi al or ato At toast S yaara aipananca. Good pay tor too now parson aNMing to ort. Sond ntauma to: F. O. Boa US&. BrtOion. Mtanit.”’ $4.00; PER HOUR STARTING, WAGES Wa need to double c excellent toam of dot r-ery parsons due o Increased sales. Ca n M OO per hour PU S delivery compensati n PLUS ttpa PLUS toa tog before uvtmg n (tore PLUS Bole dr -tog Incentive PLUS retlremenb prografn PLUS weakly bonusit PLUSnexiWehouraj Muat have valid OrV art License and Insurance, opertdabto) Car or motorcycle. Most have Qood- dflvrng record and at least II years oW. Apply at either Domino’s Pius locations after 4 p.m; BRIGHTON ft22 L Grand Rhrer HOWai 273 L Grand River AUTOMOTIVE part parson. Muat be II. Putt-tone. Chance lor advancement. Apply Knlbhts Auto Supply. 43S00 Grand River. NovL ) AUTOMOTIVE soma bumping atperlevice. Cad (Si7)SMd2I Ak for Oava. AUTO mechanic. S ya axpariance. Good pay. tot ot work. Brighton Auto Servica, lnc.rJiJOT-l4 AUTO Worker. Top pay. banaftt. WIN tram. ISO toe. Job Facto. (313)4-Sm MEMBERS, EOEMFH f It 11 II mm ,V 1

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