Marble Hill press. (Marbel [sic] Hill, Mo.) 1881-1923, September 02, 1903, Image 2

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                THE KDVS RESUKt
Bslnf Condensed Itarv ml '
roar tramp murder t to-,
aar Aaguata. Kaa, to to.cV,
The Marble Hill Press
rsonisinoMSTS esect imposing trtftVfn
r . m f s
HU1 A Chaadkar. hblkkn
' ,1 1
Ik .t - llf
II l I ' wH-n w M I llf t m.
Barrf Lehr koakt to earafsl r I
will sprats bla wrist
WmlN ba taka to ott What
1 th nutter wtik parhlT
Woaa Mr Ur longer tbu mee.
bt faey B m muck siUe tbaj
Ar at R?
They ar lawyers, not dentists, mlad
yon. wa ar gulag let th Sawtooth
TV phtlaalhroplat la atilt andlaeow.
erd w gives kts money tack to Ik
peopl k got It tram. ,
That h may k l 00 aaer fettl
to sht lor pear. Rial! art art as
other beach of warship.
Dlamoads kar goe ap t per east
la price thi year. ThU M a ymr.a
thetl stria of saotbar kiad.
Kaaatdl Sag la St, bat Ikoaa wbe
triad to Uka money away from kla
report that k la act childish.
Berlla phyildaa make th claim
that arseele will rata cancer. U
tahea la hvg aaoask do U will.
Lo DOloa la a terribly bat yoeag
thing, kot ther la aun quit a gap
totwaea bar aad tto two-mlnut Mart.
Tka matter of arewrvlng aaal Hie
Is, Bering sea kaa wery appropriately
ba referred to a nigh Joist coouala-
Toar dollar rtn bar a reserved seat
at tka circus Jvat aa auk aa Joba
Roekrfal)ars dollar. But k kaa tb
Ia Uaa tb aaat of th at that
aad tk arctic fox flea fa .nous will be
forgot!, bat tb tarn of tk Sea
vtfl abide.
A Mackaral weighing 140 posad baa
baa caught oC Newport. Trying to
keep ap with lb alia of tb jag la
tkat vicinity.
Tk ctowlag gum tmrt ba a ur
pin, aftar paying dividends, of 1771
00. Tb new baa act a treat many
otbr Java wagging.
' It must auk tb women golfers of
Hallfai feel ilk swearing to ksvs that
Halifax clergy arcs tbaai of
swearisg oa tba llnka.
It appear that tb New Tort frail
handlers ara engaged la a baaaaa war.
Tbcf certalily bar their .trouble
baacbad to begta with.
Lnilam Eaaaall baa aa sutomoblkr
edvestur every UtU whll aow. Th
aotoaioblla la appareaUr taklag tba
plac of tk loat Jewtla.
Sobm real " dlstraaa. aTartbala.
kaa bea canard br tba aluaip la
atoeka. ' It baa cat a kit of promising
aammcr aeaUoa la bait
Wba yo Icara that tboa dear
yoa ba bea baying ao efacaplr er
aaiBgglcd yoa woader, with aom la
dKaatioa. why they ware aot aold fUO
ebaaper. ,
Tb debt of Alexander aad Drag
ara 8 0,000. They wlU bow ba paid.
Per ha pa th aiaaiacr waa aot a Bit
ter of pollUca after all. It waa Tery
boilnaaaUka. '
PraaeaUy tb ormtor who waati to
make a hit will refer to the boy not
aa th future governor aad Prealdeat
lrat tba future farm hand of our
glorloua coon try.
It la reported that Andrew Carnegl
thick f UrUog a ' aewipaper la
Glaagow. Thla U tb flrat lotlmaUoa
w bar had that Aadrew alio hink-
r for itreEuoalty.
Tb latest ayatent of wlraleaa tele
' rmphy la alao poleleea. Unhappily thi
fact doc aot mark progrwaa, ao far a
tb aiaaaag eeDder ara concerned.
toward tb coatleaa.
That Philadelphia grocer who waa
found aclllag greea tomato which
he bad painted red muat be aiplring
to a plac la hUtory aid by aide with
th man who Invented wooden nut
There i a girl In Chicago who ba
worked thirty-one year for the aim
family. Why ahould a girl like that
bar to work for a living? 8b ought
to b abl to get big money from th
Th Loa Angelea Herald aaya that
the sew twenty-twtory -building ol
th New York Time wilt be equipped
with a pcial prlvat stairway' for
poetical contributor. Why not oa
th elevator abaft and ear timer
"Fighting Bob" Evan baa been re
ceived In tb throne room by the em
peror aad mpreea of China, but th
chrncc are good that he would rather
b traveling 1 around with . Prince
Henry, or off Sandy Hook keeping the
course clear for th racing yachte,
not to mention commanding tb Iowa
la tb battle, of Santiago.
It. 1 awful tb way social duties
ar telling oa people at Newport Some
of them bare to get up as early as I
aad 10 o'clock la the morning to keep
apt with their engagement. .-
' A Pottsvtlle, Pa., man la, organizing
a society of lunatic for social and fra
ternal purposes. The organization will
have a big waiting list even tf the boat
rocker refuse to go In. ,v
. Tb trouble with aom peopl I
that they allow themselves to b dis
couraged by criticism, and th trouble
with other Is that they do not Puck.
' Royal honor were sbowa to tb
- American squadron at Lis boa, but no
Invitation ha been received yet to
visit any of tb port of 8 pals.
Tb sews that Mr. Charles Frohmaa
ha gat back to New York with nearly
lot) forelga play added to his list will
b read with gloomy Interest by mr
America playwright.
How's Thi
at cmn M wn i f HaM cow
W .J.lHlitTCO.rrCni.,Ttto.O.
ttaiidMM.tMUm rj,Clniri
mi m w tattmm warn m am mrm.
tt apt Tk a. l i tfwimi Til
.! fWT Con W sums ktwnainv. eM
kvlf B m4 Mrfara X Ik
FMa. tmt IfM. tUM ZM f
iwttH. a -r MnnwiK.
MIsmmiH Otaplay Will laete Picture
f bne4 an uildiAge, .
Jeferaoa Cly. Mo.: Tb phca
graph ra every school balm lag la bti
aoarl WlU tb teacher M chlMr
will be a faattir of tb Btat duc
Uoaal xkibit at tb Wortd't ralr la
tt !la. Tb eoarereac of tb brad
tag educators ef the Stat bar last
wk decided oa tb plaa ef abowtag
tb edacaUouU tatoresU Of atlaaoarl
to tb world. .
Photograph of aearly l.o sckool
botMlag la lb But from tb most
aaprataatloo to U HUM Calvsratty
will b mad aad amounted la each a
asaaaer that tb 1.40 groap may b
mj at St. Uala. Bvery child la hfuv
aoarl ef aeboul act may bar his or
bar pictar xkibltloa at tb Pair
alee abevat oa "pictar day."
Tb darttoaal enefervae alio de
cided that Ike iblbh at the World'
faJr should be a wait, tat bracing tb
raraL ward, high acbonkt. eblleae and
aalvrstty. Tb mtr ahlblt alow
I to b diatlart la or ear to show what
U Btat m doing tor tb bUck JU
ea. Tk fereasoat darator la tka
Btat war la etlavdaae.
Oa Mm Killed and Four Other
Bunted at Bnmasvkk.
Brunswick, bio.: Oa maa waa
ealded to death, fomr others war se
verely baracd by escaping steam aad
la trick poabj were killed la tb
wreck of Job Boblaaoa' circas trala
here Saaday.
Tb wrack oecarrod yaet east of tb
Wabaak Depot ber Buaday axtralsg
at I o'clock.
Tb drew trala waa eomlog la fraea
Ballabvry at a good rat of cpeed.
with th agin running backward,
whew the tender struck a frrlgbt trala
whfch was backing oB the mala Da.
The engine aad car coetalnlag tb
me aad pneiea were a U-Ul wrack.
aad tb ecaplag ateass scalded flv
of the men who were asleep la bunks
over th poele.
On maa had hi ye burned oat
end inhaled th St Mm. causing bla
death la a abort tlai.
Tb other were ecald"! oa tb
arm, body aad leg, bat will recover.
Tb men were taken to tb Wabash
Hospital at btobr1y. where they re
ceived medical attention.
Btoto Board ef Aaricwltur Meet.
Bedalla.Mo.: The Mtsxrarl Btat
Board of Agriculture held a meeting
btat week for the purpose of appoint
ing delegatea to the meeting of Inter
national sanitary boards, to be held
at Denver, September 12. W. 8. Prv
ther of Tarklo. C. T. Affllrk of Car-
nce. N. H. Oeotry of Bedalla aad J.
J. McNatt of UcNstt, Mo . were ap
pointed. Dr. D. Lackey. Columbia,
aad W. L, Bryant, ladepedeaoe. were
named to confer with the Kansas aa
thorttic, with a view to eradicating
disease la cattle la th two states.
Sheeting at Kansas City.
Kansas City, Mo.: Marcy K. Brown.
former Proa ecu ting Attorney aad a
prominent lawyer and politician, early
Sunday morning shot aad seriously
wonnded Prank Hunter, a ahlpping
clerk. Hunter attempted to force aa
entrance Into Brown' house at Twea-
ty-flfth aad Wyandotte streets. He
refused to stop, when Brown Bred
twle as a warning. A third shot waa
red with effect. The bullet paaaed
through the body. Hunter probably
win recover.
Logan B. Chappell.
City, Mo.: Logan Ballan-
tto Chappel, aged IS yean, a well
known breeder of Hereford cattle In
Saline County, Mo, died at the home
of bis parents. Mr. and Mrs. Phil B.
Chappell, Bunday. Logan Chappel wis
born In Callaway County, Mo., Novem
ber 4, 18C4. He was the only son of
Phil B. Chappell, ei State Treasurer.
HI widow and three daughter sur
vive him.
Missouri Soldiers' Reunion.
Springfield, Mo.: The annual reufr
Ion of the Eighth Missouri Cavalry,
the Sixth Missouri Cavalry, the Twen
ty-fourth Missouri Infantry and the
Eighth bt S. M. Cavalry convened at
Soo Park, near Springfield, Friday,
with a large attendance of both sol
dlers and citizens. The assembly was
presided over by Col. John W. Llsenby
of the Eighth Missouri Calvary.
Add Room for Vest's Library.
Columbia, Mo.: An additional room
la being added to the library of Mis
souri University to accommodate the
collection of Government publications
presented to the university by ex-Sen-ator
Test when be retired from Con
greaa. Tb collection of books la very
valuable, and' will be given thi room,
which will be known as the Vest ref
erence room.
Qestructlv Fir at Flat River.
Plat Elver, Mo.: A destructive lire
occurred at thla plac early Saturday
morning. Almost aa entire block waa
destroyed. Tb total loss is estimated
at $20,000, with Insurance to the
amount of 18,000. The Are la believed
to be the work of an incendiary.
New Ship Missouri la Launched.
Baltimore, Md.: The Missouri,
sister ship of the Maine, built for the
International Mercantile Marine Com
pany, was successfully launched here
last week. -
Fra Delivery for Fulton. :, .
Washington: The Postmaster Gen
eral baa issued prders for the atab
lisbment of the'fre delivery servlc
on November 1 next at Pulton,, Mo.,
with three carriers, one substitute and
IS letter boxes.
Small Boy Drowned.
Hartville. Mo.: Three small chil
dren of George Blackwell attempted
to wade the water of Beaver Creek
Friday, to follow their mother, who
waa visiting a neighbor, and a son, 4
year old, was drowned.
Mlssourisn Gets Damages.
Covington, Tenn.: At Wrights,
renn., last week William H. Buamlng
ir of Bowling Green, Mo., waa award
id f 250 damage against Joba I
Simpson; It was charged that Slap
on broke off a love match by spresd
ig report that Kuamlnger bad a wife
iriag In Missouri. .
- Labor Day Proclamation. ' '
Jefferson - City, Mo.: Governor
tockery baa leaned a proclamation, for
be obaerrasee of Labor Day, Monday,
tepUmbcr I. ., j
EaserisMnt a Sanaa N Cer.trsJ aad
- Souther Mtseeurt,
Columbia. Mo.: Coat alsltf may
olve tb problem of striking m vt
the new aseies kill leads of kllssoeri.
wklob ar covered wftk .-? brush,
grass sad scrub eJt A aun.ber of
farmer tbroagbout tb Bute bar
tried tb exprtmt aad bat fomad
that goat caa b rained oa land that
otberwlne woahi be worthless, A goat
will thrive aad grow fat oa a diet that
would starve aay other damn lie an
imal to death.
Several year ago D. D, btoaa of
Columbia boaght a essii brd of
gnata aad placed thee oa aom wortk-
leos brsab lead oa bla barge farm. Tb
herd waa aa xperliaaL bat It proved
as tmmeaas aweeswa. Tb goat aot
oaly stripped of sll the small nader-
brosh, bat cleauaed Bp tb weed a
clean aa If they had bc pulled out
by has. Tbr war them pot oa
atampy and very weedy hillside. Tb
blllsMe waa boo atampy to as a
asowsr, bet tk goat clMued oS tb
weeds aad left aa excel Irot grass pee-
tar for rattle.
Tb ottoer of tba Btat Board of
Agrkaltura, aad of tb Missouri Col
beg of Arrteattre. alao that tints
bsv bea aacoaragtas tb breeding
of goal ia tb Stat. Tbey are eo
rUsced that goat may b prolltably
raised by asaay Missouri farmer.
Last week Messrs. Dsagbarty aad
ToM of tb Mia La Motts Lead Coca
paay of hUdiaoa County, started to
Mexico, where they will bay 1J
Aagora goat to b herded oa t
eompaay bug cstato at Mia La
Motto. With them they wilt bring a
Mexican herder to look after tba
stock. This company own haadreda
of acres of land la th spurs of tb
Oxark Mouatalna. aad It la their plaa
to raise gnat eit en slrely.
A hugs part of tb Government lead
of Missouri, which caa be secured oa
th payment of a small fee, is adapted
to tost raising.
Wefferd Swear Himself Off Bench.
Kansas City. Mo.: Believing that
be will aot be abl to b Impartial
la tb second trM of Lulu Prise-Ken
nedy for the murder of her husband,
which bsa bees set for November It,
Jodg John W. Wofford Friday wor
himself off th bench and named
Judge Joshua W. Alexander of Gal
latin to try the caa. At ber first
trial Mrs. Kennedy was given ten
years la lbs penitentiary. 8 he killed
bar hoi band, Phillip H. Kennedy,
agent for a local tranaportatioa com
pany, a month after tbelr marrlag
because be refused to live with ber. .
St. Joseph Grocer Kill Hlmasrf.
St. Joeeph. Mo.: A. J. Braun, a well
known grocer at 417 Main street, de
liberately threw himself In front of n
Burlington freight train at Eighth and
Atchison street and waa Instantly
killed Saturday afternoon. Hi bead
waa evered from tb body. Braun
waa released from jail Saturday morn
ing, having been arrested on an at
tachment sworn out by Probata Judge
Thorn for failure to make a settle
ment of his brother' estate in that
Charged With Murder.
Jefferson City, Mo.: Joba Woolery,
a roving fisherman, wa held by a
Coroner' jury at Oaag City, for th
murder of Edward Marshall, a negro,
at Osage City, who waa beaten to
death with a plank. The only eyewit
ness to the killing was. a deaf and
dumb negro boy. Woolery Is In jail
her. He protests hia Innocence. He
was picked from a crowd of more than
100 persons by the mute.
Zlne Oxide Plantat SpTlngflsld.
Springfield, Mo.: Tb location of a
sine oxide plant at Springfield, which
ha been hanging Are for month, on
account of the difficulty attending the
securing of th right of way for a
witch, waa definitely settled last
week, and the Frisco began grading
tb track. The plant will be one of
the largest In the country and will
control a large part of the zinc out
put of tbe Southwest . -
Ex-Confederate Meeting.
. Houston, Mo.: The Ex -Confederate
Encampment of South Central Mis
souri will be held at Darmltz's Lake,
Dent County, September 1 to S. Cir
cuit Attorney Joseph W. Polk of St
Louis, Judge Oaatt Congressman La
mar and many other prominent ora
tors will make addresses.
Woodman Meet at Browning.
Browning, Mo.: Saturday was
Woodman Day at tb Meadvllle Old
Settlers' reunion, and It la estimated
that 8,000 persons were In attendance.
John Sullivan and Mayor James A.
Reed of Kansas City were the speak
ers. Ths reunion closed at night with
a big camp-fire and band concert
Conductor Held Responsible.
Joplin, Mb.: Tbe Coroner's jury, af
ter four days' aesslon, has rendered a
verdict in the death of Joshua Baker,
tbe motormaa killed in tb wreck oa
tbe. Southwest Missouri Electric Rail
way last week, that holds Conductor
B. Moad responsible.
O'Connor Reappointed.
Jefferson City, Mo.: Governor
Dockery has announced the reappolat-
ment of James G. O'Connor, to be coal
oil Inspector for tbe city of Frdrick
town, for a term of two years.
Masonl Lods Organized. ' '
Mansfield. Mo.: A delecatlon' ef
Royal Arch Mason from Springfield,
Mo., organized a chapter of Royal
Arch Mason at this plac last week.
which waa concluded with a school ef
Instruction. Membership waa secured
from this town, Hartville and Ara.
, Excursionist at St Joseph. '
St Joseph, Mo.: Excursloaista from
Topeka to the number of 1,001 spent
Saturday ia St. Joseph. Mast sf them
were" employs of tb Saata P shop
and tbelr families.
Girt Oets Verdict for SS.000.
Platte City, Mo.: Ia the : caa ef
MstUe E. Leslie against O. W. Cfaass
Y Son Mercantile Company, brought
from St Joseph, to Piatt City on a
chang of vegue, the jury gavs th
Dlalntiff 15.000 dam aces Saturday.
Mia Leslie bad jumped from a three
story factory while tb property of
the Chas Company was ok flr. '
" T. Beyer KlltoaV .
Potoal. Mo.: T. Boysr. residing tour
mite north of her, was killed la a
runaway aceldmit Saturday.
.- " M
L ) . .l
For the Individual
1796 5 1S72 V 1952
Dr. awi JL fram. H las r sow e mmm
Wilfist es UtU ftnmmmtm wnfut It sea, ea
see wtak ftttU l him. eSsVwe as s an
rw Jtkm, Crwmr trmry. MsnkmH WM
mt ftr lmu ln mm I mmf mm as sa,
east kt TfmrMt kit mtiHtm, pmrmmUf S nsr
swmml as ares smim as le
I ktrt, Trnrn era at Hmrtf U Mi km
sue ear I. Hit Artmm
Imdmhtim lours mlmrlmt as srrv mm4 mtm mm ,
tsrMea tumrn ktt raw
mm mtmtlni te sms 7mmr
Hmrt murm we uli mfmrtUtmrnkl mm
mm Mti lai Ami, 1,1m nstlssSea an srsss Is
a sesr mmt awasaMas,
Look Over th Map.
How many cltle could yon mark
a tb Mercator map of tb world at
tb top of thi column t What do yo
know about tb deilrabl personal
force of th different aatiooallties?
We ar mor likely to hear of tbelr
nadealrabl tendencies thaa otherwla
la our every day reading. Ar yoa
acquainted with aay on la th differ
ent continent?
Attrr srasrttaf tnmyttfort ant
eeol $f wt may kit frienj. . Som$ teitl
wwrm Urn thtv "cluV f Hose-
Mi to svir sf komt 40 sr fe laisb br
err using it stray from horn. Sown
itef it locked sd artvr utl it if
fotsibU to grt along without it. Club
king olkert iulU our own btvin, '
Enjoying Your Employment .
Ia lovs with your work la on of
th sources dally source of profita-
bl originality. Though very few get
a living doing Just what they want to
do, yet many succeed and Improve
tbelr world of work, leaving their sub
ject In beter abape than they found
It Dealr to do something well helps
people succeed though working at
their second or third choice of em
ployment A Chicago man with a na
tional reputation told me be had never
don th work he always wanted to
do. Th work he wanted to do may
hav been some youthful fancy. He Is
a great liicces In th work he has
don. Interest la your work brighten
your eye, (harpen your thought and
quicken your ear. We are continually
walking over good things better
things profitable opportunities. While
waiting with friends for a belated
train I placed a coin oa the walk to see
how many would walk over It. We
got th value of the coin in entertain
ment, a dozen of people walked over
It Then we got the value of the coin
again when we saw the joyful face of
tb old lady with a basket who found
th coin, but did not see n. Greater
Interest In onr work lessen th num
ber of good things walked over It
help n keep awake and thinking
rtralght A ehort-sfghted person could
see a dime on a high hitching post
yet be blind to a gold eagre on th
ground. Greater Interest In our work
lengthens our sight without Injuring
It quality. Some of the thing I tell
yo In these letter may help yoa most
toough they sr the greatest distance
from tbe subject you are Interested la.
You never know what I going to help
yoa see something new and useful to
yon In your work. Th art of picking
op useful Ideas In ether lines of work
and twisting them Into naefulnes In
your work la a splendid art to acqulr.
Ingenuity and Resourcefulness.
One of my friends, an Intelligent old
Englishman, told me about how his
predecessor and himself bad fixed up
the little home In which be works. He
make me think that useful little
schemes around on for convenience
and' comfort are a part of one' life.
He is a gatemsn on a railroad -In a
suburb. He works fifteen hours a day,
even day a week for thirty-five dol
lar a month, without any holiday.
He 1 happy dnd would not lose bis
position for a double gold eagle. My
collectioncontalns some written obser
vations be has made.
What art you io'ms to kelb Smbrmit
the public schools near youT Helpers
gain mentally when they help others to
tain tkentally. Real mental tain in
creases ability.
Tsn Years From Now.
While stndvln a bar. mrhn was
standing in the car aisle with his
mower waiting tor tn gateman to
nut another cnah. oa the train V
wondered what our boys and girls'
must iinow. in order to make them
selves useful ten to twenty years from
now. Borne educator tblnk higher
education unfit women for their best
sphere, snd we all know that some
kinds of scboolino-excessive ednca.
Uon unfits men for any kind of use
ful work. But true education never
Iniure sdv one It helns mtm Ana.
Over education Is like runnlrg too far
Deiore you jump It binders yon from'
doing that for Which VOU are runnlne-
Some wise men are advising students
to col off one of their four year on
tneir books and Invest It In some prac
tical line of work. A banker told me
It wa eaiier to find new idea than it
waa to act executive sbilltv tn nmnni.
the Ideas. Ons of the best imu f
schooling I hv bad wa in a wrench
nctory, tor money, during vacation.
A better knuuileite at irreiiitadt rmm.
iitions has helped many to stop aa
think rather than to fight and fail
( A B C A 0 E 13)
w y
m 16p0Mftttt wa t1wM&t a tj4laaTa
iif)s MeWii wiMaki, Ittttr mnkm
SMi, swtist mm mn 1 1 1 n ( swsh aw
V. e'F Htmws sne MMl
swmtslslaisv mtrmittUm trmm Ik mm.
tat lutwm. axilnsi nOlwHe
.ft SSW r a
' Private Tiaa P4h3iti.
Thirty miauls a k for tttrty
year I snffldeet Urn for aay persoa
to develop a aaefaj eld Us ssbjart
to aa allltad raqalrtag taUraatiuaal
Prrvat Urn slady require great
Mlf-coatrol Geseraily Iher la k
tlas for tt or too mack Urn pet aa
It teal for a abort Ua M easier laaa
prUtecy aad good juagmwt for
ear. ,
Oa of th moat ncssfal Mwywr
la th U si tad Btata told that
alght achool was at great aa to aim.
Hs attended a class after to bad basa
admitted to tb bar, to overoom M
of hi dsfideaciea. .
Her ar a few Ilea from my tat
ter to roast peopl oa tea mlaute a
day for to year: - -
A mlasU something Uk a dim.
It caa to asd asafully or abuses'
shamefully. -
It ess be iaveeted la a way to brtag
good laterest la a asooey-muacla-mtad
It I fortanat for young peopl to
voluntarily as thi maaaar.
It Is aipenatv iperteoc to tor
to leer R involuntarily.
Til a aot book oostlig a dim,
mor or leas, aad speed to minute
with It k day, tkr kaadred day
Ia tea year that meaai fifty day
of ton hours aca.
If. at th and of tea years, yoa caa
say th fiv hundred hour kav In
creased your ability from two to twsa-ty-lv
per cent yoa will not regret
your efforts.
Toa caa do this, and If yoa do it
yoa ar sure to gain by It
Every day add a sentence or para
graph yoa think worth saving.
Watch for something to writ or
pait In your book; bar yoar ys,
ear and mind vr ready to catch
good bint la your work aad rcre
Uoa, yoar reading and conversation.
Every day r-rd some on para-
grspk or sentenc and try to twist It
lato fresh ihipe to help you do tb
best yoa caa today, aad. If possible.
better to-morrow.
Life Is worth living when w know
how to llv and liv aa well aa w
know bow.
A healthy girl can tell by moral intui
tion the, iiterenci between right and
terong actions. A healthy man can tell
by business intuition the diftrenc be
tween right and wrong methods. All of
us are templed to disobey our good fudg
mens. How Foreknowledge Might Help.
When a boy I had a pet Brahma pul
let plump and good looking, of two or
thres pound weight On day I en
tered the hen park and on coming out
could not close ths gat. Ther wu
a rubbery-spring of a resistance as
ths gate cam within a foot of th
post Aa I opened the gat to In
vestigate, my pet pullet ran out a yard
and dropped dead. 8b bid run In be
tween th gate and the building under
the lower binge.' That lesson In ac
curacy regarding, gates and chickens
gave my affections a hard pull. If
my pet had been alive and my father'
hens all dead I would have suffered
leea. That was expensive experience
I never killed another chicken by
that gate It made me think, look,
know more and It Increased my accur
acy. Why could not I hav learned by
observation what I learned by expen
sive experience? I could have done so
had I had my observation trained and
I have don to many times since that
event. An old German friend told
me that we stopped growing when w
topped making mistake, and I must
to growing every day because I am
making mistakes right along, but
ther ar many kind of mistakes and
I want to grow by making those which
do not kill "pet pullet" If possible.
A Pennsylvania girl told me she did
not think It necessary to be poor In
order to be happy and I am trying to
se If we cannot learn by the valua
ble experiences of other and lessen
th necessity of error and mlitake
on our part We should become mor
accurate and grow faster than we do
and good reading 1 on way to do It
Many confess that they lost their
"head" then lost a sale because they do
not know how to do otherwise. Of
course it is to their interest to do other
wist. Self-control con bt raised the
some as sweet corn, if you learn how.
Opportunities for Betterment
. After a sickness we have a chanc
to put to use tbe good resolutions
made during sickness and Improve our
methods. We can seek better food and
use greater car in eating, A dime'
worth of food well eaten does more
good than a dollar's worth carelessly
consumed. Pleasure in eating is a
good condiment but studied pleasure
Just for pleasure alone leads as Into
U kinds of trouble.
Yon know the iggs art there and that
the hens want to lay themwhen you
foil to get results yon know that there
is something wrong in the management
of them. Can you reword this to make
it apply to vr workt .
The Scissor Cyclopedia Plan.
Cross references are necessary to
have your work of use.
Have an Index book In which to en
ter all main subjects and aub-subjects
and their synonyms, with location of
Hav a. drawer or a box of envel
ope for main' subjects, alphabetically
arranged. In which to keep small col
lections or frequently used parti of
large collections.
Have pasteboard boxes with good
cover for bulky collection a. Ther Is
nothing else able to resist dust like
a common covered pasteboard box.
If yoa want elegance, let tb door
be of rosewood, but back of them on
th shelves put pasteboard boxes tor
your apodal collections. .
A Chicago man who ha answered
as high as three hundred letters in
on dy has a large case of shallow
boxes in alphabetical order. Some
boxes contain savers! subjects, but
aom ubject occupy several boxes.
H think hi plan perfect.
Hav a "brain rest" big box Into
which throw those things yon dar
aot destroy, but do not know where
ill ft: r TSH-i?
3iim i 1
Tb anoaxat to Hal Johaaoa.
which waa aaveitod at Kewtoa. UL.
Aug. tt Is a baadsom work of art
from th best Barr granite aad ap
propriately decorated. Tb Nad
which paid for It cutting aad erec-
Uoa war raised by th Prohlbitloa-
Ists of th United Slate. At tba Urn
of bla tragic death Mr. Johnson wu
Remarkable Curs Alleged by Man to
. Whom leers ar Flacking.
A sensation has beea caused at
Erie. Tena, within th last two
month by R. H. Rives, who has a
new method of treating all la Ills
of humanity. HI uethod bt some
what after the plaa of Walmer of
Nevada, Mo. His treatment Is by the
rubbing process.
Wonderful storie ar related of
Rives' curatlv powers. H bvaled
Robert Parker, who had for two yean
been unabl to perform manual labor,
aa bla right arm wa In such a condi
tion from palsy or other cans that
h could not ksep It from jerking all
th Urn. II wa forced to carry It
tn a allng. and th strongest maa
wa unabl to hold It (till aad pre
vent It from Jerking. Parker la bow
otind and well, after oa treatment.
Th very credulous ar va say
ing thai Rives caused tbe blind to
see,' the deaf to brer, and tb lam
to walk. Person com dally to be
treated, and Rivet' residence nil been
converted Into a hospital. Rive Is
being dsily Importuned to vlilt the
afflicted In tbelr homes.
Ther I no doubt In tb case of
Parker that before to was treated by
Rives be bad to depend upon charity
for ths support of himself and family
and that be la now abl to do hard
work, auch aa plowing, chopping aitd
Nlne-Yir-Old Murdrr.
A a result of a quarrel at Potsdam,
N. T., between nine-year-old boye,over
some chickens and a cat I von Cheney,
eon of Charles Cheney, abot and killed
Andrew Narrow, son of John Narrow.
The Cheney cat chased the Narrows'
chickens. Tbe little fellow tried to
kill the beast and the Cheney lad re
torted that be would kill the chlckena.
With a thlrty-twocaltber gun he fired
at the Narrow boy across the street
The (hot missed. Cheney went to th
house and got another cartridge and
shot a second time, killing the Narrow
boy. Toung Cheney Ia held upon tbe
charge of first degree murder.
Coualn of Plua X In America.
Rev. Don Lulgl Sartori, pastor of
SL Joseph's church, Midland, Md., a
cousin of Pope Plus X, will sell for
Rome next month to pay his respects
to the new pontiff. Tbe pope and th
American parish priest are descend
ant of the asms grandfather, the
parents of the Midland priest hsvlng
added the "rl" to their nsme, accord
ing to tbe custom of tbe Venetian
province In which they lived. There
Is a striking physical resemblance
between Pope Pius X and Father Sar
tori. Tbey are well acquainted. .
Lord and Lady Minto Are Popular.
Lord Mlnto. coventor of Canada.
and Lady Mlnto, are guests of Wnlte
law Reld In the Adirondack, where
their love for tbe picturesque In na
ture Is being gratified to the full. Lady
Mlnto Is a continual source of won
der to her sex, being so youthful In
appearance that she and her eldest
daughter are frequently taken for sis
ters. Th governor a-eneral arts ilka
a grown-up boy with bla children,
romping with tbe noisiest and always
acting tbe part of a chum.
Importance of Good Cooking.
Among other British notahlea aihn
came over to see the big yacht races
I th ddk of Roxburgh, whose father
was a great admirer of Americas en.
terprise. When the late duke met
James Russell LoweH, then United
States minister 111 London, he amh.r.
raised the poet diplomat by Insisting
upon tending mm a cook. "You ao
sir," be explained, "It Is only men of
good digestion who succeed in doplo
macy, war or aport"
Weigh 25 Pounds at Birth.
Mrs. Clark Boardlev of Ijiiii.viiio
Ky, was delivered of. a girl baby
Which WClKhed at Its birth lanl.n..
poundi. .The average weight of a child
ai oirtn is seven pounds. Dr. Robert
C. Ksnner. Who attended Mrs.
ley, found only one case on record
where an Infant at birth weighed as
much twenty-flve pound. This case
wss thst Of Mrs. Bates, wife of th
giant Captain Bates. Mr. Boardley
is of ordinary alxe, and her husband
ia not a urge man.
, Veteran Yichtiman Hurt
CsnL Hear Hoffman. th ni.
vlvor of the schooner yacht America'
crew, and who waa a boy aboaid tbe
boat when aha lifted the r.
cup lp English waters, hss been bedy
nun a iunwj near nia noma In
Brooklyn. N. Y. His carriage was over
turned whit ha waa trying to dodge
an automobile.
Separata Geld by Blowing.
Th machine for winnowin
blowing away tb gravel while the
Heavier goa grain tall into a recep
tacle is to to nd In Australia.
i7 - V
t v. . r a
ar ar r
chairman of th Illlaole Prohlbltioa.
Us committee and member of tb
National commit! of. kla party
Among lb well know public mea
who mad spear has t th unveiling
war Robert IL Pattoa of Springfield.
Joba a WooIIey of Chicago, National
Chairman Oliver W. Stewart aad ax-
Cotigraasma Gaorg W. f 1th las.
Lang Island Firmer Wsntad a Rasing
One of Rkbtrd Croker's old friends
says: "The boa ba ba (pending
right along something like fioo.OO a
year oa hi racing stsbl aad be sever
xpecu to get mock of It bark. But to
to gut rid of oa eort of aulaaac
sine k settled at Waatsge. Wbea
h first beram Interested la racing
he wu dolugwd with letter from peo
ple who knew wber k could buy
thoroughbred at a sacrifice that
would wla 'every vnt' la which they
started. Thousand! of auch letter
wr throw Into th wait baiket
Th boa kept on, which b kaa
aow la bl scrap book. It wa from
farmer dowa'la Long Island who
offered to let tb boss hav a bora
a owaed and didn't really need ex
rept during planting time, provided
the boas would guarantee ll and di
vide tbe money won."
Rejeic at Budd Oobls's Sum.
Eastern horsemen hsv not yet
ceased to congratulate Budd Doble,tbe
voters driver, who the other day woa
a 15.000 purse at tb Emplr City
track with hi green bora Kinney
Loa Dobl. who I now (I years old,
at on tlm could writ hi check for
f 2&0.000 or more, but loat all or moat
of It In an fort una to Investments. In
bl long career on tbe trotting turf b
won a higher plac la public estima
tion than wa ever occupied by any
other driver. He held tbe rein over
three trotter when tbey made world'
records Dexter, Ooldamlth Maid and
Nancy Hank. With Ooldamlth Maid
be won nearly $100,000 In purse and
prizes Until thi season he has not
raced for tea years.
Would Wslt No Longer.
Just after United Statea Senator
Heyburn of Idaho . waa married
in Philadelphia th other even
mg and . when - he and hi
bride wer receiving congratula
tions th groom wa called to the door
by a man wbo asked payment of a
debt contracted before Mr. Heyburn
went west In 1S78..' The Senator was
indignant that such a claim should
be preferred at such an Inopportune
time, but tbe visitor declared be bad
waited twenty-fire year and thought
that was long enough. Mr. Heyburn
assured the man that tb amount,
vm ana intereat, would be remitted
next morning, and th unwelcome
visitor departed.
Goldwln Smith One a Pew.'.
Prof. Goldwln Smith of Toronto.
who ba Juat completed hi 10th year,
waa tne-compamon, advlaer and coad
Juior of the men wbo were moat now
erful In shaping history and directing
engnan thought during the period In
the nineteenth century when Rnvlsnt
rose to It highest Intellectual eleva
tion. Age baa dealt gently with the
doctor, whose erect and faultlessly
tired figure alway attract much at
tention In th city of hi residence.
mi splendid Dome there, surrounded
by well-appointed -rounds and havina
the appearance of an old English manor-house.
Is tbe center of a congenial
clrcie of literary men and women. .
Urges Womsn to Mlns Gold, " .
Mrs. RoiwbII n 'Hithwii ie
Commander Hitchcock of the nary, la
Interested to a eonaldnmhla mi i
gold njlnes In British Columbia. In a
recent address before the Pccono
Pines assembly and summer school In
Pennsylvania Mrs. Hitchcock spoke on
"Gold Mlnlnc. a Fsm-lnatlno T ..
"' w, A.U-
cratlve Profession for Women," and In
tne acaresi she recommended th" gold
neios aa regions open to women a to
men, provided women csn-ia thai.
business qualifications and the proper
British Shakespearean Society.
Sir Henry Irving has been chosen
president of the British Emplr
Shakespeare society, an organisation
which alms to help the rising gene
ration "not to atudy 8hakespear'i
wprks, but to lov them." Th bishop
of RIpon Is on of th vie president,
and numerous Doubles In the theater
world are prominently associated
The society has about 1.000 members
It program being lecture, readings
snd presentation of entire play.
Prhltorle Village in Ohio.
Dr. C. M. Mill, curator of th Ohio
Bute Archaeological society , has dis
covered a prehistoric rlUag on th
Gartner farm, a few mile south of
Chllllcoth. Ohio. He has m ex
eavatlon, which dliclos many valu
able relic of th ancient peopl who
wandered over the country age ago.
Will Us Legacy Well. .
Congressman Henry a Glbson-of ths
sood Tennessee district has come
nfb a legacy of nearly $100,000. which
1 1. 1 aald he win B M rodowinMlt
college! WOrth3r T0B"f " ttS
A merger of Americas ku 3
la has Juat b fortvd il
ttal of !000,0o0. ' M,
Whit Ash, aw tlllnol.uj
baa started la Ik rual rww"
WIHUmaoa County. "t
A aneak thief decoyed . hu J
I Kaase City by ma( j S
telephone call aad tol $m
Tb A. 8. A lCoi p.,,,..
No, 414 Nonh Broad.,, jT
wu damaged 1 100,000 by Irs.
Sir Glib Thomas Carter u.
f of th Bahamas, wads
trad Cod mis Parker of Bum
Caleb Powers will acdrv. ,
la bis ewt defease. The eUw
will b give to the Jury
Two thoueead delrntrt
la th parade of the North
Kriegwrbuad acampmi)i at v
Haul. f T,i
Th Anl Robert, is sJ
steamer, sank with I.VK) saJ
at McKeaaport Pa, but no a, J
drowned. j
Th trad of th United guin.
It aoaonnltguoua territory or .
poaaeaaloa last year kuaajrtri,
000.000. j"
R. T. Lynch, a mertbaat at k
L T, waa murdsrvd la his a,,
aatJeottfled persoa, who aat k
ail aim. ' t
Jeffrie offer to flv J .,
tb Butt miser. llO.Ooo If at
stand ap four rounds la a dap!
hip bout i
Ura. Lucy Van Herrke. w J
tor bust Is containing $7,300 i
Paul, Mlns.. U found desd n y
bom aesr Shawnee, Kaa. 1
Hiram Maxfleld and Cbarli fc!
oa wer cruahed to death by I ti
wbll returning to tbelr homes h&!
tralla. III., from Hoyleton. i
Governor Dockery Issued t uy,
niaUoa setting aside Septembn:
Labor Day aad aaklng for 111 eke:
enc so far as practlcsbls.
Charles Carroll Boeaey. prn
of the World's Congresses at Ui
lumblaa Expoaltton. dies In n
aftar aa lllseea Of thre years.
Jamaica seek a loan froa k
Horn Oovarnment to enable tat
aana plantar to recover froa
ffects of th rout burrlcao. t
Th threatened powder famhw tf
th Joplin dlatrict haa toes rtk!
aad all th mine ar mnnliuj k't
blast with or price nnchangft I
vUM.a.. .mI. I. I- . u
Uon. Blight earthquake tremon
eompaay the aiploalons. The hni!
Sowing In th direction of Pomp
Tb 0. A. R. National Encamp
adjourn at Sea Franclico after tfc
tog reeolutloa congratulating Cnm
Mil upon his meritorious ten lew
Charles Reed of Keola. Mo, wsu!
I Andy Rlmbuo, Deputy Amssb
wben be called to assess the pramtj
knocking out several of the o9w
Th sal of th American Shoiw
Lead. Hoyt Metal aad Markle U
companies of St Louis to the Cim
Lead Company of New Tork utoC
Judge Wofford dlsqualllet hiawl.
to sit la tbe second trial of u
Prince-Kennedy at Kansas City,
appoint Judge J. W. Aleundet i
Gallatin. Mo.
Detectives and polio are aearcWa;
the French Bottoms near SL low
Mo., for William Rudolph, the Cute
bank robber, who escaped froa th
St Louie Jail.
Hawthorn, a sank outsider, vis
tb Bonner Memorial Stake of l
for 1:12 trotter at Brighton Bet
Billy Buck, th favorite. Is flrst b
only on heat '
On man wa scalded to death, fo
other were badly burned by escipln
team and six trained pontes wers klf
ed la the wreck of a circus trala
Brunswick, Mo. -
Samuel J. Parks, walking delefitt
was found guilty of extorllon it
specific case wherein be wu cbtn
with forcing a contractor to pay bla
$200 to avert a strlk.
Secretary Wilson hopes to eitablld
prosperous silk Industry In th
South. Worms and mulberry tre
111 to furnished free to those dnlr
lag to mak th experiment
Seven firemen wr caught under
falling roof during a flr at U"
mann'a hav house Ha, Z302 NorU
Second itreet St Louis, and reicun
without fUUty by their comradei
Th Humbert wr convicted
both th charge of' fraud and fori"
and sentenced to severs! yesri' I
prisonment each. Mme. HumW
made, ber promised revelation!,
they were Indefinite and dlsappoW'
Ing to th large crowd which attend
th trial. '
Oovernor Dockery ha appo'Dt,
Senator H. W. Johnson to luccf"
Judge Jame D. Roger on the bead
In th Eleventh District Rogsri
appointed to take the plac of Juw
Hughes, who died, but Rogers retlf
ed after 30 days.
SecrsUry Hitchcock haa just
In fore a new set of regulations
arise the selling and leasing of Indl
lands: In the future no Indian
negotiate for hi property until 0
Government Inspector ha pprl
It and then onlv for an amount M1
to or u excess of tne appraise"-
Pitv w rtmnfea the naentlem
burglar," declares his wife knew now
ln hi. In,.llln.. that rODD"
3 house In lee than' year and wW
th (Slu-uder to th United Statei
say Office.
T .A Hall. I. AmA ml a'clock Si''
urday night Th end was peace
and almost Imperceptible. In scconr
sac with hi expressed wdsh hli
will probably be Interred by the '
of hi late wlferJnstd of being '
to rst In WtmlnstexoT ' f
the remains nt nther a-real
A pastor at Golden City, Mo.. I "
rested on tb ebrg of s"i'lnJ'
ymaa who criticised him. .
mn re said to hsv engaged Is
flght-befor a crowd t a church a
laL ,, .
Second Lieutenant Chart R-
lor of th Crbonda! Com";
Poorth Regiment L N. O- '"JT
to realgn because IA local "'" '
xse'a anion refused to gf01 "
membership and. permit him to
m... - .... .r the railro!
b remained an offloer of Ah
Uoaal Guard.


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