The Portland daily press. [volume] (Portland, Me.) 1862-1921, May 24, 1870, Image 4

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(From Our Yuuna Folks for June ]
Mendiue Ike Nets. .
At break ot c*ay our sails wo spread,
Our t»!iib-‘ keels « ut the scented loam,
And when tbe west is painted red
We put th« rudder bard tar home,
yobol obo! lor the little bav,
With its s»np oi sand where the children play.
And bright eyes waicti L.r ihe bouts to comi I
My work beneath my fingers grows.
O hup y H e beside ihe sea!
You shilling Id that ebbs and flows
Kui.s over golden sands lor me.
For kindly laces ti l ihe ai»,
And trfeodlv lace- are everywhere,
An i the world is as biigbi as bright tan be.
I’m bound to where ihe bright cresisare showing,
Am'f* • e l, winds are Mowing, aud the sin .re
slnka low;
I’m b u u *. .. ere the saft spray is living.
An" the merry waves arc trying to catch u.J as we
The sun is shining bright and clear,
As .1 he t >o w re jus made bet;
The ripp es on the beach I bear,
And when I raise mv ey^s to see,
The>e’sa great ex ai so of gleaming blue,
And the w eelingcubs ail I a sail or two.
And a boat dr wn up iliat belongs to me.
My nimble shuttle weaves my net;
What work is bard when iho heart is light.
No more the overseer is sat
Willi whip io guide m> lingers right;
For the J oid took pity and he spoke,
And the weeping stopped and the fetters broke,
And a morning iOe© ou tuc black man’s night.
I’m bound to wb°re the white crests are showing,
Ann (he fresh wirnJs are biowit g. aud ihe shore
sinks low;
I’m bound to where the fait spiay Is flying.
And tbe merry waves arc trying io catch us as we
One ot the best Ferlilizeislu the unmet, to be had at
26 Union Wharf,
- AND AT -
— dealers in —
Agricultural Tools, Seeds,Plants,&c.
he. 119 Exchange Street, Portland.
Price ODly $30.00 Per Ton.
Bead the following expeiiments by Dr. Clark:
Experiments made by DK. ELLEHA K1CLABK
of Portland, Maine, with special fertilizers, during
the seasou ol 18G9, viz: Criastalc's Sui*eij.hos
pbates, turnished by S II. Bobbins. Esq-, Agent;
Cumberland Super phosphates, furnished by an.
Morris, Agcm; Lobster churn, luiiiisled by Ed
ward Pierce. Esq.; Bone meat aud wo- d ashes, pre
pared according <o oirections givcu by Dr. N;cho s’ !
Journal o chemistry; loigv chum; the twj Iasi | i by Ur. Clark. These articles were given
by the above named agents and owuers lor the pur
pose oi Dating tbe comparative value ru d.Herein
sods aud several crops. Ihe tertilizers were app ied
broad cast, to glass land, on the zllth April, each
five pounds per square rod ou 14 o' an acre. Tbe
aoii iH good saudy loam, the westerly end oi the laud
used some fltteeu leet higher than tue easier.y end.
Tbe grass was badly winter kil cd (he previous year,
and the crops were nor more one-hair ton pei
acre, Auer the u e of the above tertilizers the yield
was as follows:—
Croasdale’s, Increase.50 per cent.fg
Lousier Chum, •• 75|erceiu.
Cumberland. " .G5 per cent.
Boue Meal and Ashes, incieute.Gu per Cent.
Porgy < -hum, “ .50 i»er cent.
Experiments on potatoes planted ou deep black
toil, under uraiued.
3 Bushel- **Oiono” nicety five hills, Crnasdale.
4J Bushels “Orono”t)5 huip, Losbier Churn.
3.J Bushels “UroHo ’ »5 hills, Lumb rlaud.
4i Bushels * Oron ” 95 hills, Boue meal aud ashes,
(food on a 1 crops, but more especially on potatoes
and r s myirdatwim
How Lost! how Restored!
Just published in a sealed envelope. Price, six cents.
MENT, and Radical Cure of Spermatorrhea or Sem
inal Weakness, In voluntary Linissous, Sexual De
bility, and 1 mpediments to Marriage gem rally ; Ner
vousness, Consumption, Ep'Jepsy, and Fiis :Aicmai
and Physical Incapacity, trom Sel Ai,
&c.,l>v Robt. »l CULVEHWEL., Ai. D., author 01
the ‘‘Green Book,” &c.
A Boon to Thousands of SnflVrrra.M
Sent nnder seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad
dress, postpaid, on receipt of Fix cents, or two
postage stamps, by CHAS. d. C. KLINE «& CO.,
1517 Bowny, l>r« Vo*h. l*.w. box, 4.188
Also Dr. Culverwell’s ‘Marriage Guide,” prior 25 c.
Ayer’s Cathartic Pills,
^or all tile purposes of a Laxative
Perhaps no one meili
cine is so universally re
quired by every bod v as
a cathartic, nor was ever
any before so universal
ly adopted into use, in
every countryand among
all classes, as this mild
but efficient purgative
Pill. The obvious rea
son is, that it is a more re
t liable and far more effec
p tua remedy than any
— other. Those who have
tried it, know that it cured them; those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends,
and all know that what it does once it does always
—that it never fails through any fault or neglect of
its composition. We have thousands upon thou
sands of certificates of their remarkable cures of the
following complaints, but such cures are known in
every neighborhood, and we need not publish them.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates;
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug,
they may bo taken with safety by anybody. Their
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their use in any quantity.
They operate by their powerful influence on the
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action — remove the obstructions of the
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, aud
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease.
Minute directions arc given in the wrapper on
the box, for the following complaints, which these
Pills rapidly cure: —
For D,r«]isp«ia or Indi^eatlon, Listless
ne*«, Languor and Lon* of Appetite, they
should bo taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action.
For Liver Complaint and its various ST'mn
toms, Bilious Heartache, Sick Heartache.
Jaundice or Green Sickness, Bilious
Colic and Bilious Fevers, they should be ju
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which cause it.
, For. Dysentery or Diarrhoea, but one mild
ii >se is generally required.
For Rheumatism, Gout, Gravel, Palpi
• ition of the Heart, Pain in the Si«lo
Back and Loins, they should be continuously
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
disappear”’ Wlth 8uch caanS0 thosc complaints
an(J ®Pop*lcal Swelling* they
should be taken in largo and frequent doses to pro
duce the effect of a drastic purge.
For Suppression a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect bv svmnnthv
»***»*«■ triu, taxc one or two Pills to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence it is often ad
vantageous where no serious derangement exists.
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose
of these PUls makes him feel decidedly better, from
Uieir cleansing and renovating effect on the diires.
bve apparatus. b
DR. «T# C. AYER A CO., Practical Chemists,
Bold by ^Druggists in Jhor laud nn
__livery wherr.
A Wonderful. Discovery l
Cure Without Medicine!
Equalizer or ^Vacuum Oure.
City, T.w« and County Bighl. for Hale.
tr >;end for Circular.
E. H* PACKER, m. d.,
my20,.l w _p. o. Box 515, Boston, Mass.
Has remove 1 lain Exchange street to No. 2 Dcenng
Block, where the public aic invited to call; tho«e
wiablng lor anything in the muaic line trom a penny
wbisile toa Piano-Eorte can be supplied, ANo Sheet
S/us'c, old and new, also Violin anil Guitar Strings,
be.-t quality. ruy2u»lw
AliLOlnte Divorres b gaily attained in Ne»-Fork
Inuia a, Illinois and olhtr States, tor person? Irom
any Mate er County, bgal eveiywheie; deFertion
drunkenness, ion support, etc., sufficient came: no
publicity ; no charge until divorce obtained. Advice
tree. Business established Ottcen ypars.
Address, M. HOUSE, Attorney,
mri8<13m So. 78 Nassau Street, Ncw-VorkCily.
xuvigorator ?
Cures Indigestion, Want c/ App.«,te< Headache,
Nervous Irritability, Impurity and Imper/ect Cir
culation of the Blood and Fluids of the System de
pression of Spirits, Derangement of the Liter, Aid.
negs, Urinary and other Organs qj the Body,
giving new life, vigor and health to the whole system.
One dose w ill, ia ten minutes, remove all lew spirits.
One dose will, in five minutes, cure Heartburn.
Three doses will v.uie Indigestion.
One dose will give you a good appetite.
One do‘e give step the dirties.iug p:iius of Dys
One dose wi 1 cure a vi >'ort Sick H^ad^che.
Oiitt boitie cuie « Mr. William Davidson oi Chrutiic
Dyspep ia. an . D..viJsou was alHicteu toi six vears,
he could uol eat ihe simple t loud Mill ut gnat
sun. ring; one botde cued ban entirely; be now
eats auiuj *1 and vv „t hie load w ith ease.
Sold by GEu. c. GO-jD\ IN oc cO., and all Dnu
gists at 5J i cuts a buttle, _ myUeueUni
S««. 41 uad 4:1 NlairMml,
Tbt^ Bank. bavin* ivmu cled hs Banking-House,
making it oue oi ihe n o>t pleasant and convenient
ot atCe.-*- iu the tiiy, wul eou.iiiue lo itetive
E?.i i? i. 5toUI,t won*ptly for c • m iners, buy a id
" 0,1 London, Dublin, Pars. /iin ten am.
t UTt»i»« 1 a~UU” h -- ,»i a iu, and u!J other cities o•
tor tiaveUr1^ a?V aiMl >» ue Letters oi CreOit
worli i unrnV?*'11 *,,i be ,,OI*o,edin any part oi the
wSuid’do w U.or. TfcLhlvorab,e wim-. Partus
We are const inti'i* y be'°,e paging elsewhere.
inB lm"uT M,y """'"S >«<*««-! the lo low
‘•s.»l L A. Way. Esq.:
Having travelled in Asia Turk.. .... 1 ,
01 Europe, with a Letter o’t (Jreuft paits
Hauk, 1 take p easuie ,n iii-kuawleUguigSe unlK
co. rtesy and attention shown t.y
deuti. _LUW1N haulm.”
N. B. A commission will be allowed to Banks oi
Baukers who rocr eftexs or bills fur their friends.
lei>2 2awL'<i ^lawotii-ly
CT Toe Carriers oi the “Press” are not allowed
t«»seli paper* singly or by the wee*, under any cn
omnstances Persons who are. or have been, receiv
ing the “ Press ” in ibis manner, will conter mav
ebry leaving word at his office
Wanted.—By a Man.
O ITU AT I ON as a Meat and Pastry Cook,
Address. W, this office. 
W anted j
PEDLEItS going into the country with liorsc and
wagon or a loot, and those peddling m cities
will do writ by addressing a letter to
from wVom tlie.v tun in i some veiv Saleable -Arti- |
cfr*. aflordine very brae rrrflir. tiictoBe p stage •
stamp to in-11 * an answo-. _ my-3d3t
Boarders Wanted.
FEW Ladies or tlentlemen "an lie accommoda
V led n ull board at >o. 29) Free street.
* my19*lw
Wanted Immediately!
WO ov three nn n to work on Aictic Relrigera
* tors. Apply to
iny^ 111 J. r MERRILL, Cross Street.
Boarders Wanted.
A FEW young gentbmen can be accommodated
with board and pleasant rooms in a private
laini'v; g>od references requested.
Apply at 31 Winter st, between 11am and 1pm.
n»av 17 - lw
Hi st Class Coat anti Pant Makers
At 91 Middle stieet, (upstairs)
A, S. Ft(KWAIJ), Merchant Tailor.
Also a coed Pressman niyGdSw
Situation Wanted
h Y a young man as clerk in a Builder's Office,
t > capable ol periormiNg ary duties required*
myl8*lw Address, Y. Z., this office.
Aseuts Wanted,
i '*OR the Knicltrrbtckcr Lde In-, t o., of
NEW' YORK, 'ill s is one ol the oldest, most
reliable and best dividend paying Companies n the
country. It-assets now exceed $7,200,000, and its
income in 1**G9 vas over $5,000,0t0.
Earnest, active and rcduble men arc wanted lor
local aud traveling agents in Ma ne and New Hamp
shire. Apply to
mi261&wtf Au. usta, Me.
Boarders Wanted.
A FEW gentlemen can be accommodated vilh
board at No. 5 Cumberland Terrace.
Partner Wanted.
IN the Blacksmi li and Shipsmiih Business, at No
187 Commercial St., Portland, Me. Terms liber
al. tor lurtlier information call at the shop,
(mylCn) S. YOUNG.
A PRACTICAL ENGINEER and Machinist, with
moderate amount oi capital, wishes to *akcmi
interest in some lielit maniilad tiring business in
New England. Address S. It., Press Office.
Wanted immediately!
I J ESPON SIB LE party to dredge a charnel from
Ice Houses at Lioby’s Con or to deep water.
Must be done by first day of dun**. Cash transac
tion. C. 1». MATTOCKS,
mrldtf 8a Middle strtet.
i PROTESTANT girl, to do general housework.
Good wages and a good home given. Keier
enees required. Apply to C5 State street.
W anted.
GIRL who can come wc'l recommended to do
.A woik in a family a Gorham Village.
npr26n«_Apply at this office.
Vessels Wanted.
< i wanted for the novt s;v nmndic
jr, ji three or lour ve-Bkl«s per month of fiom
/anff three to live hundred tons capacity to
•4/JiKLX- ,oatJ Stone for New Orleans. Highest
lir'rti. i ales ot freight pail.
No. 91 Middle si., Portland,
Yin al haven.
Portland, April 2, 1870. aptdtf
ITHDUR or five rooms, within Pn minutes’walk ot
the City Hall. Address “L,” Priss office, stat
ing location and pi ice. mcb3l
BY a Book keeper in a Wholesale House in this
city, sou e kind of waiting to do evening®,
would do Law-copving or keep a set ot Books lor a
retail tirm wheie they do not have work enough to
employ a book-keeptr lor that purpose. Hood i oil
man—good reference. Address,
_ran9 _ W. D. B., Box 1545.
A Small Tenement—two noms— in llie easterly
l art ol the city. Rent net to exceed $6.1*0 t er
month. Inquire at 74 1-2 Cumberla nd St. le21 tl
Patent Alarm Money Drawer?.
Fairbanks, Brown & Co.,
118 Milk St, Stoston.
T' v sale by All Hardware Dealers,
Sard and White Pine Timber,
on hand and sawed to dimensions,
BD.IRIi? For Sale by
Wharf and Dock, First,corner ot E Street. Olhct
r. 10 -Oat** Strict. Boston. niiT9Hyr
Children’? Carriages.
IN obedience to 1 he w ishes of many of our cus
tomers and ti it nds, we have ju*t added to our
elegant stock of Carnages the larges ami best selec
tion ot Children’s Carriages eer » xhibited in Maine,
from the »est manufaHoii»p in the country For
-ale at the l.ewcst Factory f’l icrw. Warrant
ed tiis" class in every r sped, and ranging in puce
from Ten to Forty Dollar*. Call ana examine
4 . P. UIJIBALIi & I,AfllftklJN'.
March 11 dtt
lVKiw Styles
|1 OW on exhibition, a fn'l line of fre.*li goods iu
-Li eluding
Fancy Goods,
Worsteds and Patterns,
And v.ill insure customers prompt and polite at
1G3 Middle Street.
Congress, .Street, ceintr if Pjeble House!
i*orilnu<l, Heine.
Elegant Carriages !
— and —
We arc now cempleting our stock for tl-e Fpring
and Summer oi lo7u, and otter, in the NEWEST DE
SIGNS and ol the most thorough construction, a
variety of elegant C’nbr-oU-fN, Victoria*,
< oupif, Phiicionii, tuby liarfo»ct, 'lop
au<l Open Ku^i'M, Jump •ciiIm, Clarr>
nllN, * uuklmdc. , Ac, EXCLUSIVELY t> e pro
duction ot our weli-un wn Ditide St. factories. We
have made great icduciions in pri« es, a d will sell
1, lU'.-r f .. TT .. . . . <1 41..,.
fells first class cariiages —Piices unitoim lo all.
kvery carnage we niase In ev« jy lespect lo
'hose buiit to the older ot our most valued custom
Wo also keep a large asuoi tin cat of
luilt expressly for us, in Philadelphia, New Ha
ven, ami .Massachusetts, lor sale ar ihe very lowest
Express, <»rocciV, and ISusimss WngoiiM
(simians ly on hand.
apt n2LtMBEK —a’1 P< rsons (haling with us will
J *,rt*'8dy what th* y but gain for. 
We make a specialty of
Children’s Carriages !
in»yj-it&s3m E soliciied.
l>aily Express Lim;.
Brick’s Kennebec Express
LEAVES OlHce 97 Ixclnmpc Kirril, rort
land, dully at 4 I-'A o’cioii. tor biumaie),
t ain, li cliinond, Girdlntr, lia lowcll, Augusta, and
all tnteimediate stations.
tfr-Kie glu brought at Low Hates.
upsdtt It. .1 PICK.
Butter that Is Butter]
Adv-VorSt Butter,
Joseph c unit IE it,
ilell Hanger,
A'o. 012 Conferees street,
Alaiimaciurpr and Proprietor ot
Currier’s Patent lietl tor Hotels,
a here one bell is made lo answer lor any number 1
»i Korns. Also Speaking lubes. Doer Bells, Gong '
•Jells, U.uing Koom Beils t«» nug ibe oot, ana
•Jeiis i abed back ot plastering. Agent n r
Tu-* *®» ’*» tt*aCrul i raiili Utor Bill,
Where no wins arc mid Houses, holds anil
workV!.‘,|S short ,,oli «• >1 ecin.cns ot n.y '
th w n™ Htn "'i 8‘-'UiC ul Ihe principal Uuicls iii '
Maine, New Hampshire and Veriuunt.
_ my(ieod2m i
IjWHWMgSSaEWioy• ■ VVjj- -M«3agu* _ - .
rHE val iable property No.230 Cumberland Street.
Said property consists of a two story bouse, tin
died throughout, comaiuing liiteen rooms p'euty of i
los-t and pantry room; weh arranged tor two tami
ies. with plenty of hard and soli water both up ami
own s.ars; gas throughout; large s able ard plen
y o'1 room t »r wood ami coal. The lot is 55 leet trout,
n l running back 84 ieet trom the stre t. Ihi-isa
ervdesiiablc residence, being pleasantlv and cen
ially located, and in an excellent no ghborhood.—
’he house is in excellent cp nr, and is first class in
very respect. Par* ot the purchase in on y can re
in in on mor'gage lor a term of years. For further
•articular* enquire of
Auctioneers, No. 49 Exchange Street.
May 18. 1870, dll'
Br ck House and Laud for Sale
SITUATEl> in Westbrook, about one an J hall.
n iles trom Portland on tlie Yarmouth road,
mown as the Mors- hou«e; »t is bemtPully situa cd
■ommanding a lull vkw of Poitland, it's harbor,
ictan and the islands; ibe h use ism good or*l r. ii
■ontaius twelve finished rooms wilt large attic,
i good cellar with furnace, plenty hud and soil
water in the liou e; a good bam, hog-pen, heu
ti use and yaid, a giod garden with iruii trees, in
ill it cm ta n** two acres ol land, will bo sold low for
[•ash. Impute of
WM. J. SMITH, on the premises.
• Ma^ 17th, 1870. ujy20tt
For Ssilc or Exrhau^e
- FOR -
A LOT of land cortaining about 10 acres. P.cau
tiiuliy situa ed on ibe Back ove Road in West
brook, corner ot Grove s reel. About one and a
half miles from Portland, and one quarter mile
from horse railroad, withoi three minutes’ walk ot
K. H. btaiinii, and i o' mile ol one ol the best schools
in the county. Also, with n * a mile ot We>t brook
Seminal v. A spiencid fruit garden containing ap
ple ami pear tr* es, grapes, g ostl erries, &c. The
l ouse (2J story) is in perieet repair, containing par
lor, fitting rooms, dining rioms. kitchen and six
sleeping rooms, good cemented cellar, good closets,
brick cistern, liar ' and sett water in abundance.
Good barn and Carriage house on the premises.
19 Moulton Si., Portland,
my19tf Or on the Premises.
HOUSE and Lot No 5:8 Lafayette si. This is a
odc and a bait story house containing seven fin
ished rooms, plenty ot hard and so»r water. Lot is
28 leet tr<>nt by 87 1 2 feet deep. This pr pertv is
pleasantly located and prtsents a good opportunity
lor invesiment.
For further particulars enquire ot
0 80. W. PARKER CO., Audioneevs,
mylEdlm_49 Exchange st.
Farm lor Sale or To Let,
WITHIN one mile ot P<rtlaud. Enquire of
Ur. E. CLAKK or
my _im. g. rn.finit.
For Sale.
A HOUSE anil let ot lam!, situated in tbe roar of
Cove strict, near Washington stieet. Sai.i
housi is nearly new, and will l.e told very low il
applied lor immediately. nij'lS*
Two Houses ter Sale.
MThe two houses on the westerly corner of
Spring and South Streets. Only $4.00u lor
bulb houses.
Applv to WM. H. JERU1S, Real Estate Agent,
mylsdlw* Cabo in Block, nex; east of City tlall.
Good Brick House fersale
u windows, twelve good rooms, gas tUioughont,
good lurnace.
Apply to W. II. JERRTS, Real Estate Agent,
m4d3w» Calioon Block, next tu-t ol Ciiy Hall.
For Sale or JLea?e.
A LOT otland on Cross stroet. Enquire of Edward
Howe No. 24 Danlorth street, or ol ri. J. Libby,
No. 14G Middle street. may14dtt
Brick House for &a!e.
./i^a A two and one-bait story brick dwelling
gl'il h use in tbe western part ot tbe city, < n tbe
Jli&alLline ot tbe street cars, thoroughly tinisbed,
anu 111 goo i repair, lighted with gas throughout,
luar«d v*iib a lurnace. *nd supplied with au abun
dance ol bard and soft watei. Ibe lot contains
nearly 40u0 icct. It ihe purchaser desire* it a large
part oi the pri< e may remain mr a t- mi of years on
a mortgage. Apply to W. li. JEliRIS,
aplP.iit Calioon B ock, next East ol City Kail,
Geo. It. Ha vis & Co.’s
* ALSO, a fine residence on Pine street
w ith a fine garden attached. I Lis property
i« ottered low and from its location inuit
find riady sale. I lie bouse is in peritct
,_order and having been kept in repair by
its pre ent owner, makes it a very desirable resi
dence lor parties looking lor a residence in tbe
western patt ot our city A portion ot the Carpets
will he sold with tbe bouse it needed. Possession
given by tne first of JuU. Terms easy.
GEO. K. HAV&s» & CO.,
my5d3w Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers.
glSfc wi I buy another line itsidence on ibe
wesleily portion ot Brackett st. This is a
iBfiHiSn, w ^ouae a"d has only ticen occupied
gAglcne year Veiy pleasantly located, with
not shade trees and gcnl er. Te ms easy.
mv5'3w Real Estate and Mortgage Broke ?.
- A Fai in of over oO acres divided ii
to mowing, tillage and wood-land,
1 t'lgtiq.Apr be ut dully situated on the tanks
ot the Saco River, a'out 15 miles
lrom Portland on tlie line of ihe Portion J & Roch
ester K. it., within 15minutes’ walk ot it. li. station,
ebun h and school bouse. i<ailio«d cod.iluni ation
with Portland forenoon and altei noon. A splendid
Irui. gauien containing apple, psar and plum trees,
grapes, gooseberries, &c. Tbe bouse (2 1-2 story) is
in pertcCb lepair, cuiita'ig paiiur, sitlinjr room,
(rning room, litci.ii. aid eight sleeping rooms,
good cellar, brick cistern, Lard and soil water in
hi cbcij, Good Barn ami Carriage House on ihe
premise?. Tuts ui.-imnie property is now ottered at
the low figuie oi $40u0. ieiin?ia*T. We can give
one cesirous oi a good faun a gre -t bargain.
Apply to GEO. li. DAVIS & Co.,
my0-i3w_Real Estate and Mortgage Biokers.
MONEY TO LOAN.—In sums o* One Hundred
Dollars to len Thousand, on first class Secur
i*y. geo. R. Day is & co,
my6d3w Ileal Estate and Mortgage Broker?.
IN Cape Elizabeth, al| story home with ell, con
taing nine rooms, with ui buildi* gs an•= stable,
together with two or six acies oi excellent land.
Said p ace is situated abou- i i miles Horn P. rtlaml
inear the town-house) on Pleasant street, command
ing a sph mlid vew of ibe city and harbor. For
particulars inquire of
niyiOti J. L. PARROTT, on tbe premises.
V alixable Property 1
THE residence and farm occupied and improv
ed by the subscriber tor more than twenty
years, is now o fie red lor sale. It li«s on Back Cove
mm; iiuiu cuy oi i uniauu.
Contains lliirty-iive acr- s—under Light-Bt cultiva
tion; house, mastic finished; l>as tfn rooms, and
com man t s, by a 1 odds, tbc finest view in tbe neigh
borhood ol ibe city
Land, a rich, pliable loam, falls off by an easy
grade to'tie waters oi Back Cove. Garden en
closed with a ten-loot picket ience, ceoar paths,
ibree acres of lantl well stocked with truit trees,
many ol them in full bearing; some 2000 pears,
dwait and standard; cherries, plums and apples,
with 3 4 mile oi tile drain; same length of walks
well laid out, 400 feet out-door grape trellis; two
large graperies in excellent cultivation, and a lorc
rng house; apple oi chard, aspaiagus bed, and the
smaller nuits. Latge barn, stafve, carriage-house,
wood bouse, two wells, three cisterns. The whole
in pertect repair, at.d comprising advantages not
olteu found in tbe maiket; now rffeted at a very
low price.
Household furniture, some of it new and never
used, farming tool.--, wag ns. hors s, Ac., &c., may
he had if put chaser de?ires.
Apply on the premises, or by letter through Port
land P. y., to subscriber, or t» Wm. II, Jerris.
May 21,1870. _eodtf
Brick House for Sale
Or Exchange.
BRICK HOUSE No. £8 Danforth street, contain
ing 14 booms, with ad modern improvements;
Hot and Cold Water, Bathing Room, Ac.; also tine
well ot water on the premises. Teiins easy. Pos
tcssiou given in 3:i days troni sale.
The owner would exchange the house fur oilier
property if oesirtd.
For particulars enquire of
may Ld^w_ l."9 Commercial st.
For Sale.
rilllE new two story French roof Uctise, corner
X Cushman and Emery sts. House plumbed lor
hot and cold wattr, with all the modern convenien
ces. Enquiie on Hie premices. t_J. A. TENNEY.
For Sale I
rj-'HE fcubfcrbtrs ofier lor rale at Rortl.bav Har
A bor, ilitir entire tirbwe esiabkfkru. ut. (.'otirist
inj; ol M ian, Hulking., Flake., Hulls, wita about
i‘J acres ot laud, it will make a %cry ocsi
able (.laee lor a rummer itaiccuco. l oal rai lin’,
islilng &c. Tbe sieamer calls going lo oi.u truin
mrSutt_ RooUibay, Me.
For S:ile!
FN Cane Klfznhnlh Kniirhf ciin Inf nf ton.i
L Sio. e and House thereon. Call at the premise
mil inquire of
aprl8il_ S. B. CUMMINGS.
i At a great bargain. One ol the
■ S best taims it Gape Elizabeth. Con
** 1 ‘ ,B,l“lfcd tains about one hundred and twen
ty acres cu s lorty tons ut Hay, and
- - is well wooded.
This estate 1 eing situated within llltcen minutes
•ide of the City Hall, Pm tland, offers a rare oppur
uuity to invest money in a giuo homestead which
annul Ian to double m value within tive years. p
>iy io the at 21)2 Commercial slieet,Port
and, or No. 1 Spiine’c isiaiui, Saco, Me
Portland, March 1,1870 marla&vvtt
Farm lor s-ale.
Otter d at a gicut bargain; the
Lamb Homestead farm in West
Vimok. ihice and lia'f miles trim
Portlaud on the road to Saccarappa.
w-, Sam excellent farm consists ot
r»7owin°vac,esl cooviently divided into
iv i cr aaii? *an'l; has a good well ol
usa:Loa bouse and out buildings;
rco.ri^i^ :Ar aXvn?i ’5o m*1 r,t9iu
M, 111 bel'-ogiug ... ilie'i; ^°uc„r_ a u“ «»«» 0
1P"U I lie miim roau iron- ii't'.'.luL'lr?' ",
Li. larin . Heis litiucimratt budi s> iCv „
lilcr in auv one (icirmg .i I..uu .ntlit-i i0r motitor
njovment. For particulars i quire ct 1 or
G.ilc u. P. WAP KEN,
mrl6d£*wtf* baccarappa. M
i-aixl lor Sale.
I HI AT Splendid Lot ol Land situated on the Cor
ner u CimiLCicial and New Centre Sticcs,
ormerly occupied by N P. liiehardsun *.V oo.’s
•oundiy is t r sale, and presents a icmpt rg oppur
unity lor ii.vis.mtnt. Ibis lot contains about
2,tCU Icet, and v ill he sold cheap, and on ac< cmnio
laiing tern s. F. r plan and pairicu ais ii quire ol
E. E. UPHaM. at UPtiAM & ADAMS,
p?9endttin_ Corn cial Sircet.
lioioc tiu> Sale.
rUL under igned offers tor tnle the iovver half of
iln- three storied biick bouse No. 40 nigh St.,
pposite the High Street Chuich, loimerlythe resi
euce of the late Jcscpli l Noyes.
FJKANlv NOYES, Administrator.
M1S C i. L. A JN Lo US.
File Old Reliable
New England Family Mediciue.
to be Found in tvi-ry Village auil Town
■ u New Englauilj is
A Thorough Tonic and tomacliic.
DODD’S NERVINE is not a kew medicine, but
bits been be o:c the public lor the last ijticen years.
Is coinoounded Irom the dlst and 1‘ diu^s.
L’ontains iio OP1LM, STRYCHNINE or AlER
L'U KY in any form, and is i xpies.dv adapted to the
relief and permanent care ol all loims oi
Nervous Diseases, &c., 6 c,
headache, convulsions' '
Is a COMPLETE SPECIFIC lor siceplrS'nes*. It
soothes the throbbing muscles like magic,'aodtran
quiiiz-s the mind And everybody knows that '
good sleep is better than all medicines. And all
totRs that
Can’t .-leeji Nights
Should use this truly wonderful mediciue
Isoneot the best remedies ever employed in the
cure ol the numerous and troublesome ailments
For Whooping l ough
DODD'S NERVINE is ailminiitereil witli ujexam
1’lwl success. Mothers, remember this au.l tavo
jour little ones the agony oi a most distressing cun
plaini. It also works admirably lu Measles bring
ing out the rash well and leaving the bowels tree
anil healthful. For the diseases which afflict CHIL
DREN WHEN TEETHING, nothing can lurnish
more instant or gratelul relief. Remember It con
tains nu OPIUM in any lurm. ’
Look Out for Colds.
It is proverbial that people treat a cold (and the
general accompanying cough) as something ibat will
cure its ell; but neglect is serious and boiue.iuies
fatal. The lame of bODD’S NERVINE in the re
lief ot colds is established. Usu this standard rem
edy, and to >ar abstain from liquids ot all kinds as ro
keep somewhat thirsty lor a few days, ami the worst
colil will soon be gone.
Dodd’s Nervine
Is a pure tonie—harmonizes perfectly with the
NERVE FIBRE—givts increased energy to the
Stomach, Liver, Bowels, and other visera—and sup
plies fresh lile for the waste that is constantly taking
place. It opera e soothingly—is as pleasant to take
as any wine, and with Sleep and Good Digestion,
which it promotes, restores tlic afflicted to sound
health of body and quietness ot mind. It contains
no opium, meicury or siry cbniue, (so olteu used for
nervous complaints,) aud is whclly iree liom any
deleterious drugs whatever. '»ens of thousands are
testifyii g its curative power.
For saie by all Diuggists, Price ONE DOLLAR.
JL By sending 35 CENTS, with age,
height, color of eyes ana ha r, you will receive, by
leim ii man, a correi i picture oi your iuture husband
or wite, with name and date oi marriage. Address,
VV. FOX, P. o. Drawer No. 24,
myl7t«t Fultouville, N. Y.
©*| nn 4.n (DOKn Pfr Month guaranteed.
kPlvVj LU kP/LuJU Sure pay. Wages paid
weekly lo Agents everywhere selling our Patent
Silver Mokla White Wire Clothes Lines. Business
permanent. Fot lull particulars address Gift A HD
WIRE MILLS, Philadelphia, Pa. ap2od4w
tiOn send amness and receive by mail, in a plain
sealed envelope, a desciiptive circular oi a new iu
ven ion, which is perfect and positive. This is no
humbug or quack medicine. Address, enclosing
three cent stamp. Dlt. JOHN NOELl. & cu.,P.
O. Box 1G92, New York City. ap29d4w
Well’s Carbolic Tablets.
AFTER much study and scientific invest igadon as
to the remedial qualities ot Carbolic Acid. Dr,
Vv ells has discovereu by a proper taiKiuam n with
other articles in the lorin oi a 'tablet, a specific lor
all pulmonary diseases. THESE TABLE TS area
SURE. CURE lor all disea-i s oi tne RESPIRA / 0
or HOARSE A ESS i also a success lui lemedy lor
Kidney difficulties. Price 25 certs per box,
SENT by Mi*lL upon leceiptof pi ice, by
dOdN Q. KEnLOGG, 22 Ciitl Si., New York.
ap78wf Sole Agent lor the United Shales.
The Maiiic Uomb colored * hair or
beard to a permanent black or brown. It contains
nojwison Anyone can use it. One sent byr mail
fi r $1. Address
mi£tCm tlACIL’tOflBt'O, Spring tie d, Mass.
Hmkley Knitting Machine,
FOR FAMILY USE—simple, cheap, reliable. Knits
Everything AGENTS WANTED. Circular
and samp e stocking FREE. Address H1NKLEY
KNITTING MaCH i> E CO., Bai L. Me. mr5-d3m
I was cuied of Dealness and Catarrh by a simple
rem< dy. and will send ibereceipt free.
ap23t4w M t.S. Al. C. LEGGETT, Hoboken, N. J.
The Rights to sell nr. Irish's
Ottawa Beer
HAVE been reduced from TWO HUNDRED
Dollars to ONE HUNDRED, including
ten gallons ot Extract. Persons who waul lo sell
Ortawa Beer, must cal! at once ami secuie the right
ot SoUThMaY.O & CO, who are the General
Agents lor the New England States 102 Tremont
Boston. __apr2lf4w
Ag«*nl«-C Ruvnftftiuff ISccks srut free for
Secrets of Internal Revenue
The most remarkable book ever published, being
a complete txpor-uie of cl the powerful conleceia
lions or ‘-Rings” preymg on cur government. Show
ing up all ihe cliques irom the lowest t • me bigh-st.
Cabinet officers and Congressmen, as well as minor
operators' sy?nematic depi emit ions, conspiracies
officia i corruption, po ideal iifiutnc.-, patronage
and w ire i ul ing. A fearless liistoiical work, iu
valuab e to every ciiiztn; toman ing 540 jage>, by
a prominent G.»vernnitnt Detective. Over 20,000
copies already solti. Agents wanted. Canvassing
books nte. Andress V. ELI>9', Publisher, Phila
delphia, Pa., Boston, Mass., Chicago, It!., or Cin
cinnati. Ohio. ai>29d4w
Dr. J. Walker’s California
Vinegar Bitters ?
Made ot poor Rum, Whiskey, Proof Spirits, and
Refuse Liquors, doctored, spiced anu sweetened to
please the laste. called •‘Tonics.** “Rest* rers.” “ -vn
petizers,” &c., that lead the tippler on to diunktn
ness and ruin, hut aie a true Medicine, mude In m
tneNative Roots and Herbs oi Caliiorn'a,/r#e from
all Alcoholic Stimulants. Ihcy are the GKE»r
CIPLE, a perfect Renovat r and Invigoraior or ilic
SysNm, carrying ott all poiscm us matter, and re
storing the bloocJ to a healthy condition. No person
can take these Bitters according to directions and
remain long unwell. $1OO will be give* lor an in
curable case, providing the bones are not destroyed
by mineral poisons or other means, and the vnal
organs wasted beyond the po>nt ot rejair. j.
WALKER, Proprietor, R. H. MCDONALD & CO„
Druggists and general Agents, Sau Francisco, Cal ,
and 32 and 34 Commerce St., N. Y. SOLD BY ALL
Agents, Bead This !
$50 to $200 per Mouth Made by
Selling the Home of Washington,
Or Mount Vernon and its Associations, by Benson
*1. LossiSG. 150 Illustrations, imtetl paper, hand
sotLe'y b und. Only took on the subject. Every
family wan s a copy, hold only by subscription.
Very liberal terms given. Samples Free. Send
tor circulars, and notice our extra terms. A. S.
HALE die CO., Han lord, Conn. tmyiSit
I TV "V L I 1>
A medicine, a single doss of which will eouvince
you oi its efficacy in curing Liver Complaint, Jaun
dice, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Headache, Dizziness,
Loss of Appetite, Debility, Piles, Humors ot the
Bloi d, Eruptions ou the Skin, ail 1 all complaints
caused by Impure Blood, Obstructed Circulation,
or a Diseased and Deranged condition ol tlie Stomach,
Livir* Kidneys, and Bow sis.
BUItK At FEISKY, G*urral AgenU,
... ,, _ IluhlOO, I?Ihm».
Sold by ail Druggists, my 1811
— - — - - V
Agents %Vauted for G. C. M ariq$V Jr ,
Handy-Book of Husbandry.
A complete guide for Farmers, young and old, in
every department of agriculture; by a practical
Faimeraud Author. Experienced Agents should
»:cure territory at once E. B. TREAT & CO.,
Publishers, 654 Broadway, N. Y. apr2GMw
Foil* the Hair !
The ncwT nreniralion rccenllv nrpr.nrpil T>v m
the restoration of hair to its original color, which
prepare i >n, as can bo seen by tbe certificate ot tbe
State A flayer, lor. Cummings, is composed of entire
ly vegetable matter, is now ofieted 10 the public.
We rely upon it lor its virtues, end are willing to
trust it upon the public at its intiinsic worth.
Read the following certificate:
Portland, April 11,1*70.
Having examined a specimen ol the Botanical
Hair Restorative, submitted to my inspect on by Mr.
d. M. Jodd, I am satisfied that u is what l c claims
it to be, a vegetable preparation jure and simple,
and contains no mineral.
(Signed) 1J. T. Cummings, Chemist.
It is lor sale bv all druggists and lancv dealer^
Prepared anu far sate wholesale and retail, b
J. in. TODD & t o.,
No. 74 Middle street, corner cf Exchange *t.
aplSd f _
Cape Elizabeth Steam Ferry to.
A SPECIAL meeting ol the Troprietots of t e
ejL Cape Elizabeth Steam Eirj Co , will be held
it tbe (Hi e 01 Day and Heule>, m Cai»c E'izabf th,
»n Thur.-d.Ty,May iG. at ro o’clock a. m., to see it
ihc Company wnl alter the by-laws by reducing
ihe par value tf the stock,
Portland, May 18, 1870. my 28126
Clarke’s Short Vtlunlaries,
rort the
Pape or Mceil Organ.
Designed chiefly as Opcn'ng Yolunt Ties and Res
Avir^ri lor delicate and expressive stops. EASY
ajni> PLr ASrNG Selected and arranged by lfm>
i,nrk»*. Author of ihe “Alto Mel/ud for
uc.,. Aryans”
)t p/ice U AJu;ir<l8'^1,50‘ Sciltpost-paid on receipt
lijlltc_C. U. MTsON, New York.
For Baltimore.
The Regular Paz-kot Sebr. Searsvi.le,
Uias», Master, having larger t art of her
carg'1 engagen will tail us above for
Heigh' tpply to
No. 1J Commercial street.
Portland, May 19, 1870. myi9dlw
The Eye, Ear, Catarrh
iVIrs. JnstiseSBCsieB*,
Eclectic Physician /
Formerly Irom New York, by request l as return
ed to Portland, aid can be icund at the United
State* Hotel, tor ten day? only, where she will treat
tor all diseases tint tie.-li is heir to.
Pr.ce for ExaminatioB, One Dolla*.
CertiflcairM of Cures*
This is to certify that I have been sick tor 7 years
with what the physicians, to the number ot 8 or in,
called Dropsy of the Hcatt and Enlargement ot Ihc
Liver. 1 called on Mrs Manchester, the clair voysnt
pujs cian,on the 18m June, at theMerrimac House.
She m-tde an examination o! my cate and immedi
ately told me 1 had a tape worn*. She prescribed
medicate tor me, and in lib bouts 1 had one hundred
and eighty teei ot tl e tape worm pass* ft. and she
has a portion ot it that any one may see at her
rooms. This is a true statement ot the case, and I
recommend a 1 to go and see lu.r and try her s ill.
<i EOKG E H. K l It A R DSON.
Newburyport, Mass., June 12, lsGi).
New Gloucester. April 22.1870.
This is to certify that t called on Mrs. Manchester,
the celebrated Physician, last August, to be treated
for a Lose » ancer on the breast. Five different
Physicians said 1 must have it taken off with a
knife. 1 did not feel w illing to submit to that treat •
incut; consequently they told me they c«»uld do
nothing for me. Heating of Mrs. Manchester's
wonderiul cures. I though* as a last resort I would '
con-ultlier. 1 did so the 241 h August, and at this
time my breast is » ell and no appea ance ot cancer,
I must truly say that 1 think her a great Physi. ian.
I advise every one to go and s-e ntr and give her a
trial. MRS. N. 11. PERRY
Fairuavf.n, Dec. 1,1869.
I wish to let the public i n«»w that I called on Mrs.
Manchester eiiht months ago, to be treated tor deal
ness ai d Catarili. I have been deaf tor eleven years
— totally deal with one ear, and partially so'wub
the other. 1 ha icon ulie I a number of thy icians,
all to no purpose. I used Mrs. Man* best-r’s reiut
dies six months, and can truly say 1 have betu a
happv man since I got my hearing. 1 am. by the
blessing of G d and her .-kill, tuny resvred to mv
hearing. 1 advise all to go and consult lie- ; she w.Jl
tell you hone-tij what she cun do.
This is toeoifify that Mrs Manchester has doctored
in my family for six years, with marked success.
She has cured my witc ot dropsy in its worst iorn»;
my daughter of spinal disease ot tive years standing;
a sister of deafness and catarrh; my father of blind
ness. Anti I would recommend her to the public as a
skilful physician, and every way worthy of patron
Portland, Maine, June 29tli 18b9. d&vvtt
015. J. B. HUGHES,
No. 14 Creole. Street,
Sen III* 1‘rrble Boss*,
WHBUKhecu. be von«uH»J iir:v»t9iv, mt wrt
the utmost confidence by the e.'nloie'l at
hsura dally, and .Trota 8 A. M. to 9 P. rat.
Dr.11 addresses those who are auderins; ccdt: the
*fllict«,c ot (ttoate liaeaMt, et’teiLet er.sin. frot
Impure ronnectton or the tenibte Tice cl sen-abcac,
Devoiing hie entire time to that particular branch ot
the medical profession, he 'eela warrant*.-.! in tie ab
Atr/EEixa a Curia ra alx Cases, whether of long
standing or recently contracted, entirely rccioTlng tij
dregs ot disease from the, and m&kin;-: a per
fect and PERI.AHFNf OURK.
b^He would call the attention d tLt &&i?£9>j to t&e
l»ct of hte long-standing and weil-eamod reputation
firnisLi-:;-- s^vlc^nt aasureuc* of fils skill and £&-.»
SStttSw.. VT? Silt
£?axj intelligent and thinking persun muse know
Jaat remedies handed out ior general use should h» ;e
their efficacy established by well tested experie*m. i>
the hands ot a regiiAarij educated physician. worse
preparatory studies at bitL. for all the duties he mn.t
faldij yet the country is flooded with poor ncatrui s
«*d cure-alls, pur?. j ig to be the best In tht world,
which are not ol • selecs, but alway: injuriou?#
The untorninaf* *AW . /1 £ pABTicrriiAs. in aeltctai g
his physician, ae it n? *. lamentable yet inccntrovert -
ble tact, tha: man* syphiliric patterns are made zuit
treble with rui*: d constitutions by maiT-rearme? t
from Inexpertcncea physicians in generalpractice;itr
jtisa point generally cunceaed by the best evphilogr, -
dhers, that the study and m antigen* epf ol these cor. e
•llaints should engross the whole time ot those who
would be competent %nrl Auccess<u: in 'heir treat
mentand curt. l>.o Inexperienced gene re! pract -
tioner, having neither opportunity uoi time to mal
himseir acquainted with ^iieii pathology, common y
pursues one system or treatment, in most cases m*. -
lig an indhk’rinttBaie o.m. ot tua? fcr.tlQrated and dvr
| .-rocs weapon, the Mei.orj.
5£fc f. * —it,,
«.» who LtTt'r- consul tte-j &u excess n any ltd
he ibex it be the solitary yice ot youth, ot tLt lin* -
rg rebuke o? misplaced confidence in manner
The Tain® and Aches, tr A Lassitude ami Nr.-vo*'#
Prostration tha.’ may follow Impure Cottier,
are the Barometer to the whole system,
vo act wait tor the consummation that is sure to Sbi
iOwj do not wait for Unsightly Ulcer :, fo?
Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty
tod Complexion.
fta-*4 - * i’-R? i'u-'-.w iffcaitxt ta *fk:«
»y CaA l»J Sl2]»7ir2« -i ‘
£oupfe cite troubled tfith ^Taiseicca in sleep.—a
complaint ^ereriUj cl - issult of a had habi* l
youth,—treated scien and *. pcric-v . ;»r<
ranted t«r nc charge rmrle.
Hardly a day paersr WttrwrKAU'UUUL'iunm »y py TTT
more young men wift the aUv< disease, some of
whom are. as weak and enp&’i&ted as though ihev Lad
tha consumption, and by thru xkieuda art buppoced te
a%7€ it. gli ?u(;b cases yield ro the proper ano osuy
correct .ouree of treaiment, and *n t »bott
cat'1* tc reicl tf is psifaot heai^h
tii'.j'i '*(Zk. i-re.
' :<m niany men ot the 24 i of thtT;y who are
troubled with too irequeut. evanuailous irou ta^Hacr
<ljr, often accompanied by a alight amartieg oi^-uir
log sensation, and weakening tee systeu- :o a mea
ner the patient -armet account for On exam-nit g
the urinary deposits a ropy sediment w:i 'orr*» he
found,and somefimej small particles or semen ,r».
pumen wf!l appear, 01 thocolor will Lt o» a rl>iji;.. 1 .
i?h hue, again changing *0 a lark and turbid am--v .
ance. There art many men who die c* -V* - r
Ignorant, of thecaube, which is *»«'
l can warran; a perfect curt u »uci« «.-a'jet«, . »
full and healthy restcratios of the urinarj organ*
Persons who cannot personal]f •unsuV t >j
o&n do so b7 wrifing, in a plain manner, e de ■ r «"
lien of their iiscaaee, and the appTorr:F>* ?
will be forwarded imniei etely.
J±ll oorrespondcnoe strict!* o^utldentiss e^,. ; ,
*9 return el, if d^tlxw.
I auiu-oa:. DJi. J. aO(,!;.4.
No. MPreMaStro*.
aoci £<< tOt Fretik Uoui’«. .=' r’! £,"»
•SP* ^sn.S 1 stamc fbt Ci'c-jia?.
Xtectic Medical Infirmary,
- k- i. 4 mays.
fOit. HOOHm raitJctiiaTlj irvitar an b*.1;., ■
n;eO » me.lios! vlyfcat, to <•»»! *r J.I. rw>ia" N- <4
PreV.l« Street, whsrt rbe* v* --.uC tuk 1, 4,.,
•ipevial accotsm»viation.
U.8 Llentic Mod'C/ifiet /.re 'tfijifa .
m etftcacr %n<‘ superior virtue us r ^atma *•„
F smalt lrre*n!arJMe?. rheir action (c rpe :'" »c.<
Certain of predawn# relief *n a abort time.
r.ADIJCP w>i? find it ’nvalua'rle in tM ease? of er
fl'motions a*>er all other remedies have been tried fn
▼sin. It 19 purely roicetable, containing nothin* »e
»b*> leasr injurioue to the health, and may be tahw
with perfect safety at ail timep,
Sent to an part cf the.-.uuatiy, *ith roll direction*
by adlreesir g X>Ii. HUGHES, '
j rUM***'*'*•*• -'■fo. J* Preble street. Poland.
Purdy Vegetable.
Natures Kemecly.
A valuable Indian Com
pound for r?storing the
health, and for the perma
nent cure of all diseases aris
ing from impurities of the
! ^ b'ood, such as
Scrofula, Serofulou* 5fnm«*r, Cancer,Cmi*
ccrou* Humor, ErjMipcia*, talker, ttali
Rheum, Pimples and llaui«r» on ihe
Face, Ulcer*, Cough* aud Cold*,
Rronclarti*, Neuralgia, RSuii
iuuti«m, PaiuH in Ihe &i<tc,
I>y*p< p*'a,Count i pa lion,
CoMircnru, Pile*,
Vlcailaehe, D.zzi
neo«, Nervous*
nr**, I'niut
He* at
Nioiuack, Palu* iu Ihe Rack, Iiiiluc; font
plain!*, Female Weakuc**, anti
m« ncrai uiuiiiiy.
This preparation is scientifically an 1 chemically
combined, and so strongly co-cemrated Horn roots,
herbs, and barks, that its good «tfecis are realized
immediately alter commencing to take it. Tli* re is
f t the liuinau svstein tor widen the VEG
ETINE cannot be used with pfrffct safei y, as it
does not contain any metallic compound. For eiadi
cating all im' uiiiies ol ilie blood tiom lho system,
it has no equal. It has never t died to ( fleet a cure,
giving tone ar.d strength to the sstem debilitated
by disease
Its wonderful effect upon these com plaint? is snr
I»ri in« to ail. Many have been cured bv the VhG
ETINE who have tried many other remedies. It
can well be called
H. lt. 81EVENS,
Boston, ITIass.
Price $1,25. Sold by all Druggists,
ic-n’k' n according to Act ot Congiess. in the year
1S<(), b> H. K. bTEVENS, ill the Cb rks< nice ot the
Disirn t Court ot the District ol Mos^achnsetts.
_____ The Electric Uidt.
A neat seP-acting ailoy-electrique
—to l»e worn on the bony or limt
as if a x»lastcr:—a very superi
or icm* dy lor many a lame oi
•veak I ack, stomach, side or limb;
tor cold rheumatism, nervous
cough, atony, pain or palsy.
These simple disks are easy
-,— -' medica* elecmcity and (or very
general uje; are also preset ibed by Dr. Garrait and
leading phvsicians.
F«r Bale b, M S. Whittier. Retail price *3 50.
At."„';oleJ,al''l,v GEO. L. RGGEK<, General Agent,
14(5 Washington St., BoiAon, Mass, Orders Wed
wit dispatch. no27-€m
Portland Laundry,
S. FLETCHER, Manager.
Feb 25*eodSm
H ood. Woodi
• I ARD ami SOFT WOOD, ior Fale’at No. 43
JJ coin street. A‘»'>, ilrj edgings.
jan29 “ WM.JIUSE.
commeroiaiT houseT
Cor. Fore anct Cross Sts.,
Will b. lie -Oprued to the Traveling Pub
lic. WuliifMlny; Jump 1st) 1870.
The undersigned (recently Piopriclor of
U. S. Hotel) begs leave to inform his for
mer friends ami patrcns, ami tbe i ub ic
generally, teat be has leased, tor a term ci
years, t e Commer ial House.
This 11 )tel is situated m one of the most conven
ient locitions in tV city tor business men and trav
el. rs, beatg in the immediate vicii ity of the Up
turn House, and the wholesale stores.
The House l»as re en My undergone exttr.sive im
provements, and has been
Newly fn-nihbrd Throughout.
The sleeping Rooms arc large and well ventilated ;
lie KuiteH « f rooms are we I arranged, anti c« mpleie
ly furnished lor Families an l large traveling patties.
dT'Pnce educed to Two Dollars per dav.
myGOdlnv) _ li. CHAM.
Presumpseot House!
Having thoroughly repa;red and iurnisL
ed the House
So. 99 Fcsletnl btmt,
1 have opened the same, as a Hofei, under the above
name, w he c 1 shall be happy to meet up old tneuds
ami toe public generally.
Tbe rooms are entirely refitted and the house is
now in read ness to receive transient hoarders and
lodgers. A tow permanent boarders will be taken
on lair terms. Tatde b aiders received at reasonable
niy2(kl2w J. W. AN PERSON.
Adams Mouse
Templs Street, Portland, Me.
AO KAN SAWAfrR) l'iepti<-ior
This new first-class business Hotel is now open
to the public. All the appointments are new and
the loea'.iou, within a tew rods of both tbe Midd'e st.
and Congress st. ears, is one of the most convenient
in the city.
The Hotel contains torty rooms, conveniently ar
ranged in suites. The Proprietor has had experi
ence in providing tor the public, and confidently ex
pects »o welcome all his old trh uds who come to
Portland ana to make a host or new ones. Every
attention will le given to tbe wantsoi guests,
duty 27._ dtf
Mechanic FhIIn, Dlnine.
X. U. PEAKES, Proprietor.
T*ie present proprietor having leased this
Fjyvr* 3 fine Hotel fora term of years, would re
lftfiM,,Pectful,J 'ntorm Pal>iic bets now ready
I j'S* If tor business. To travelers, boarders or par
ties, considering the nice accommodations ami mod
erate charges, we would say without tear of contra
diction, this Hotel stands without a rival.
Mechanic Falls, Jan. 7,1869. dtf
Family School for Boys I
E.iftlc Blur, Farmiuglois, Maine.
This long sfaml'rg and very popular Inst if u lion
wil begin its Summer Session, on
May Otli, 1870,
An Iti ntinue Twenty-four Weeks.
lut ,cw princii al Las introduced a carelully ar
lor the purpose ol lilting COYS lor active business
as well as tlie ordinary
“Preparatory Course for College,”
in which all j airons can have their eons carelully
ami thoroughly prepared lor any College in the land.
The great expense to which Mr Abbott lias been
in fitting up the Mantlon, Schcol rot m and Latra
tory, together with the great amount of labor and
skill:ill cultivation expended in beautifying and
adoring the grounds attached to the school, combined
wiin too thoroughness ot discipline and education
which is now secured here, all unite in nuking this
one ot the best Schools tor BOYS in kew Eoglaud.
CSff“Pupils received at all times.
Send for Circular or address the Principal,
mrgluSniA I, PEN J. BEE THEN.
St. Augustine’s School for Boys,
No. 2 Spruce St., Portland.
i:ev. daniei, f. smith, a. m., Rectob.
Mis? MARY F. HOLMES, Assistant
ey* Trinity Term liegia.. April 23Hi.
April It, 1670. dtt.
Franklin Family School,
Students li tf-d tor College, or given a thorough
business education. Our largo and com motiinu«
buildings are beiur entirely refitted, wlrch will
make mis one or ihe ino?t deiigbuul places lor a
school in tie <*.t»u ■ try.
Pupils reociv d at any time.
Please send for a rireiil r.
[J:* } Principal,
Reference to Hon. Wctritn Johnson, Stat“ Supt.
C-.inuj n Svboo’g. _ roa2dlni
Eaton Family School
rt' HE Spring T.-rm wi 1 con men re March 2.«, and
* continue 13 weeks. Expenses: $ti5 per term.
No cii ra charge except ler hoo..s.
i‘ or particulars address
, HAMLIN F. EATON, Principal.
North Yarmouth Academy.
The Summer Term ol this institution will com
nitiice on aMlnrMiuF,tlic 'Julh duy uf lUuy,
ana continue trn wertc*.
J.-iS. M. BATES, Sec’y ot Trustees.
Pacilic Mail Steamship Company's
Through Line
Ami Carrying .be United mates i*IniU
Fares Greatly Reduced.
Steamships on the Connecting on the
at Acj^laulic: Pacific wirli the
One of the above large aud splenlul Steamships
will leave Pier No. 42, North River, loot of Canal St.,
at 12 o’clock noon, on the Btfi and 21st or every
month (except when tbosedavs tall on Sunday. and
then on the preceding Saturday,)tor ASPINWALL,
connecting, via. Panama Railway, with one of 1 lie
Company’s Steamships from Panama tor SAN
FLANUSCO, touching at MaNZAMLLO.
Denar.ures ot the 21 st connects at Panama with
Ste amer- tor SorTw Pacific and Cf,'that. Ameri
can Pori s. Those ot the 5th touch at -M a7av.
illo. ^
for Japan and China, Steamer AMERICA leaves
San Francisco, Feb. 1st, 1&70.
Due hundred pounds baggage allowed each adult.
Bag-age Masteis accompany baggage tlir ugh, ami
attend to ladies and children wdbout male protec
tors. Baggage received on the dock the day before
sailing, iroin .-team boa is, railroads, and passengers
who preicr to send down early.
An «pi lieu ceil surgeon on bond. Medicine anl
attemluin e free
For freight or passage tickets or further informa
tion apply at the company’s ticket office on the
wharf. L>oi of Canal street, North River, to F. K.
BABY, Agent, or to the Agents tor New England.
16 Broad Stieet, Boston, or
jacIStf _40} Exchange St., Pcriland
Portland & Kennebec R. R, Co.
Tbe stockholders of IhePcrtlard and Kennebec
Kaiitca company are notilied to meet at the Dtrec
tirs’room in the Depot at Portland on Wednesday
the Hi h davot May iintam.a' l«oot ti e clock lu
ill • afternoon to ael upon the followiug proposition.,
to wit:—
Ait 1. To determine whether tlicv will am^i
me provisions ot an act of the Legislature ot Maine,
appiovtd Apiil 1, 1856, entitled *‘au act to aurliorize
the consolidation ot ceitain Kailroad Corporations."
An. 2. To de|eruiibe whether they will rainy ilie
doings ol the Direcors oi this Company wherein
they emertd into contracts of lease of the Portland
amt Kennebec Railroad to the Maine Central Kail
road company, dated May 12,187<‘.
Ait. a. To act upon any other business lhat may
regularly one he tore sain meeting.
Per Order of the Direct ros
. „ J.S. CUSHING, See’y.
__ Augusta, May 13,1870,_myltid
Maine Central Haitread t o.
NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting ot the
M ckholders oi the Maine Central Kadread
Company will beheld at the Town Hall in Wat.r
vdle on tie thirty-first day <t Mav A D. 1*70, at
eleven o’cloc in tuc lormoon, to act upon the ioi
iowi g articks, viz:
First, 'Josesi. the Stockho’drrs wiT agnfn ac
cept an <•’ of the I er'iSJ&ttire of i> a ne, approved
April 1, ISfO, enti led **An act to autboiize the con
sol dation of certain railroad corporations.”
S'.contl, To see ii the Stockholders will rafily and
appiove two contract - entered into by the Directors
with Hi • Portland and Kennch-c Kailroad Company
and dated the twelfth day of May A, D. Is7(>.
'third. To iill > uy vacancies 'hat may at the
time oi the meeting exist in the Beard oi Directors.
Per order ot the Directois.
Portland, May 12, 1870. mayltftd
Pease Graiiant Fietu'.
These Crackers aro very n2rceab!c in taste, and
are especially serviceable to p«*ra *i s suffering from
indigestion at many can testily who have used them
a 1 rig time. Neatly put up in two pound boxes fur
Superior Pilot Crackers!
Are rajiltlly gaining in intblic favor.
For sale byno i-lv ail 11 rat class Oioctrs In the city,
ami at the iiAKEHV.
M ly 2-dtw
Portland & Kennebec R. B.
Nnirninr Arrunitmn nl, iTIsy. 33, 1^70*
Passebger tra ils leave Portland ditty
Bath, Lowlst n and Augusta at 7.10
A. M., 6.15 1* M.
Leave *or Bath, l^whton, Augusta, Wafervillo,
Skowh-ean am* Bangor, at 12.45 P M.
M 'ruing tluin from Augusta tor Portlaml and
Boston, leaves at 5.45 aud irom Slowing n at i> 00
A. M
Alterroon Fxpressircin Augusta for Port land and
Boston leaves ai 3 15.
The Morning train leiving Boston at 7 CO A M,
from Boston & Maine or Fa-tern Kai'road Depots, 1
comic ts at Portland with tbe 12*5 P M traiu for
all stations on this line, connecting at Brunswick
with Androscoggin Railroad 'or Lewiston, Farming
ton and stage'in* to Rangeiey Luke; at Kendall’s
Mills with Maine Central Railroad far Pitt-fleld,
Newport, Dexter ami Btngor.
The Noon traiu leaving ton at 12.00 M, con
fleets wi.h the ft.15 P M train at Portland tor Lew
iston, Batli and Augu-t i.
P isscugers ‘eaviug Boston on the 3.00 or 6.00
o’clock r AI. trains tor Pori hut *, arrivingsamceven
ing, can on the following morning, take a pa<seng r
train leaving th. Portland & Keunel.iv Depot at 7 10
A M tor Bath, Lewis’ou, &c., arriving at Avgusta
at 10 00 AM
I.cave Bo.'ton Daily at 4 00 P M, for a 1 Stations on
tins lice, uriv ug earlier th <n by .n other line.
These Trains are hij plied with iietrigeiator
Cars, wtiicii etiablesdea'e s i , Fresii Meat-, Vegeta
bles, Fruit. &c., to have th ir Freight delivers 1 in
gjoii order in tut* hottest o»' weather.
Connect at Bath tor Wis ass t, Dimariseotla, War
ren, Wa d looro’, Tliomasiou a ,d Uocklan-i. daily.
Gardiner for Aina, Newcastle, &c. Augusta lor
VV indsor. Liberty ai d Beliast. VasSalboro’ lor East
aud North Vassaiboro’iiudCldna Kendall’s Mills
for Linly. Lis on’s Ferry tor Canaan. Skowhtg*n
tor Nor nd ge woe a North Anno.. New Portland So
V,‘®» £,lj,eiI> a?d H iUlvn • dail> • F«r Bridgion,
The Forks an l M oossnead Lake, Tri-VVeakiy.
„ L. L. LiMjuLN, 8ni*t.
Augusta, May 18, 1870, mayjott
Rail Road Ticket Agency.
Through Tickets
- TO --
New Orleans,
Anil all points
West, South ami South West!
Over the lavorite routes at reduced rates.
myodtt Cor. Fore and Exchange SI*.
Portland,Sac), & Portsmouth K. R.
Conimcuciujj Monday, May ti,’70.
~?~'U~'7T3 PASSENGER TRAINS leive Tort
**kjj**n^^& lull daily (Suuduys excepted) loi
Bos'on at G.N3, and 8.40 a. m„ aud r.55 and 6.00 p.m,
T Ann.. ... I... I ^... In ... I ... - O . . .. tit .... ..
3.00 and C.00 r. M.
Buldclord for Portland at 7.30 A. M returnlnc
at 5 20 p. m
Pore.mouth for Portland at 10.00 A. m , 2.39 an<J
5.30 p. m, and ou luesday, Thursday and Saturday
at 8 OOP m. * "
The 0.00 p. m. (Expnss) trams from Boston and
Portland run v-a Eastern Kaiiroad Tliursdav,'ihurs
day and Saturday, sunning onlv at Saco, Hi tdetord,
kenuebuuk, Portsmouth, Newburviioit, Salem and
Lynn; anti on Monday, Weonesday and Frl.iuy
via Boston & M?ine Railroad, stopping only at Saco,
Biddetuid, Kcnnebunk, Sou.b Berwick Junction,
Buyer. Exeter,Havoilii 1 an J Lawrence.
Freight.train- ea *h way daily (Sundavs excepted).
k RAN Cl i CHabE, Supcriut. uuenr,
Portland, April 28. l*7o »f
1870. Fare Reduced. 1870
California. Cliica^o.
And all Points West!
Grand Trunk Haihvay,
Michigan Central,
Detroit & Milwaukee
it .A. 1X/R O Al I) S!
Through Express Trains daily, making diicc
connection between Portland and Chi ago.
Through tickets to Canada, Calitornia and tha
W E S T !
$5,00 LESS than by ANY OJJIEl
- TO -
Detro t, Chicago, California
St Paul, it. Louis, Milwaukee, Omcmnati
Ami ail parts West and Sou h-west, making direc
cor.necti. n. without stopping, to all |M.inf* as above
liiu- avoiding Hotel Expenses and Hacking it
crowded cities
'J ickets at lowest rates Via Boston, N’cw Yorli
Central. Bullulo, aim Detroit.
8^“Through tick ts can be procured at all tin
Pnucpal Ticket Offices in Mew England,at tin
company’s offija, No. 282 Congress street, and al
the depot.
I II. SHACK El L, (len’l Passenger Ag’t Montreal.
C. J. BU YtiES, Managing Director.
Wui. FLOW Ells. Eastern Ay*t Bangor.
D.II. Hi.tMIHUh, #ttrut,
inr22 (m 4 ongrtnn M. t**rilnn«l.
Maine Central Railroad
EgBBSSS Tralb* will leave Grand Trank Depc.i
v»5Krz?Scbat Portland lor Auburn and Lcwlstoi
at 7.10 A at , i.U5 P M.
Leave lor V..letvil'e, Kendall’s Mil's, Newport
Dexur, ( Lake, atm Bam; or at I cal’
M, Connecting w4h the ttuiopetin «V North A it. or;
eaii R. R. tor town- north and tast.
Freight train eaves Po tlanu tor Bangor and in
teruieuuile siations at t>.S5 A. M.
J rains .tave .ewtstou and Auburn tor Pirt'an
and Boston al 0.20 A. M., 12.04 c. M.
Train troui Bangor and inieiniediate stations it
d ,c ill fort lain] at 2. 0 P. M.,»iid trout Lewiston
and Auburn only at H. 10 A. M
the only rouie hj which through tickcls are sol J
to Bangor, Dexter and ail iuicrinejiato stations
east 01 the Kennebec River, and baggage checked
tlteid'l 11DW1N NOVKS.Supt.
■ t'Vai. ...... ,1..!_
a uu Ul V, UVlllg VI Cal
' ■crw? Procure Tickets l>y the
Safest, Bes; and Most Reliable Routes I
From PORTLAND, via BOSTON, to ail joints ic
the WEST, SOU 1II AND NUK'I H-WEsT, lurmsh
eil at llie lowest roles, with choice 01 Routes, at
No. 49 1-2 JbxcliaiiKe 8tr«*ct,
„ W. D. LITTLE «c CO., Agent*.
Ou and alter Monday, Alay 3, le70,
Sf»*rr1V*^traiU8 will run as follows :
S'?*???** tV""? Ieav? Portland daily,(Sundays ex
AJ Vl^-' 45 AiUU ai,<1 iutcrracdiate fclaiious, at 7.11
Leave Portland tor Saco River at 6.15 P. AI.
Leave Alfred lor Portland amt intcimediate sta
tions at 9 3o, A. AI.
4 ^jfpVe Saco River lor Portland at 5.30 A. M. and
Freight train with passenger ear attach
ed leave Altred for Portland at 5.30 A. At.
Leave Portlam tor Altred at 1.45 P. AI.
Siages connect astollows:
it*,1 xG,,lham ljr South Windham, Windham
Hri, xsorth Windham, White Rock, and isebago
Luke, dally. **
_»,* O...iii.m tor West Gorham, Staudlsh, Steeji
rails, Baldwin, Lenmark, bebugo, Briugtori, Love IL
Hiram, Browntield, bryeburg. Conway, Bartlett
Ja.kson L>mingh>n,Coi uls,h, Porter, FreeJout,Mad
ison and Baton A* 11., daily.
At Saco River, lor West Buxton, Bonny 1-Jakle
Soulu Linniigton, Limington, daily.
Atueutie Waterboroujili sta’ion for Limerick.
c.1"' 1 arsot,.ti«dd arm O.-.-ipec, tri-weekly.
At Center Wateiborcugb lor Limerick, Parsons
□eld, daily.
Alt^l lor Sanford Corner 8prin.gva)e, K. Leb
anon (Little Liv» r* alls), So. Lebanon, E. Roches
ter and Rochester
a ii r,o , '-THOS. QUINSY, Superintendent.
April ?8, 1 70. Ulf
gr4;:d TRuia ajiLWSif
Alteration ot TrniDS.
ESIsSi&Sl ~0P 811,1 8lter Monday, Dec. 6th*
VSS^L^ji Trams wil run
tioiisfu'j11 Ali’°UlhParI* “"a in;crme<liate eta
Express Train lor Danville Junction at 1.03 Til
»taiious~Tll'a Tra'n Wiil ldt "OP at l»,ermedlaU
Mail Train (st°|],i"g at all na'lonr) lor Island
Poci conu.'rtiiiaw.tUutgl.r niail Uain mi Quebec,
Montreal and ilie West, at 1.S0 PM.
Acconiodat on tor South Paris ami iiiU'rn.eiiiatl
stations at i>.45 P. M.
P«F.-**ugei trains vi' rrivo a- fellow-:
From South Pans a- i Lew islon, tU5 A M,
From Bangor at 2.00 P ,i
From Momtefl!, Quebec urnl Gorham at 2.25 P aJ
Accoiooilaiion from South Pan's, at fi SO P. M*
iL* * Steeping Cars on uh uigbt Im'.lb.
jibe IasKj.ipan* «*f* oor irppor.noii; for L-aggigo I
any amount excewtiing fc&o in value tari't tout i cr or
*1) antes* notice is given, a&O tor at the n/. o
.ne pasg«nger forovorv &fiOi;*d'iiti*»hil value.
C. J. HR i DHKSt Managing Director,
B, BAlLJi F, Local Supcri%ten&€ht,
Portland, Dee. 3, 1*69. rttf
Proposals for Iron-Work,
I<or Muirs and flailing in I niPd Stales
CIUktoui-llonKC aud United sintnt
ionrt House Siui.diug*. at
Pcillitin!, it)r,
Seal! d Pit ipopals will bo received at tire office
01 tueun or ienet .mill 12 M„ on Friday
ilie ildiil <luy ,-t June next. tor furnishing and set
ting in place all Hi • wrought and cast-iron work le
quired fir slans and lailoigs in tuo above named
uuitdmgs, embracing wrought iron beams am!
er^Ss^ian^o,’,. ‘S’ a“a °“,amL'",al 8"‘"8
Almi. all the oruamema railings, brackets bolts
rusts«.«* - ^W!ii
i„eO°,‘;K,:isG„,ML.A>'30,Jhe.,orc^li^ may be exam
Iheiau »III 1,1 '**” bnpcliuitmlcm, nr copies
, ! , • nm ^’U aPI"'<'atl°" Le luiuislicd 111 unties
lion. .u. 1 “Jk« pi.qmsais. together with specdlca
bond * , Jii lului8 lor proposals aud gaainnty
aul Pboposals w ill be endorsed -‘Bids lor 1 ron
work, and will be address d to Jumes II. Cock
lane, superintendent ot t (instruct,, n IT. s. cus
tom douse, cmc., Porthind, Manic.
JAMES H. COCIIUANE Superintendent.
Ale kinds ok book and job pbintin8
ueati eiccuievi at thieottice.
h . tu'jt M8*53*1*
Damariscotta & Waldoboro
First Trip Commencing April 9.
-gLha. Steanior.'t’hR,.
, „. . •o«,,’AU>EN WINCMKN
r h BAt.H, Master, will le.iv. the
' **wm ‘ w,‘st ur Atlantic Wharf,
_ __ toot oi India Street, every
SATURDAY at 6o'clock A. M. tor I*amariscoita,
and every WEDNESDAY, at 6 o'clock A. M, for
Waldoboro, touching at intermediate landings.
IhcrritNiVO—wilt leave Dumariscotia every
MONDAY, at 7 o’clock A. M, and Waldoboro* every
FKl DA V at G o’clock A. M.
t reigbt received alter 1 o’clock P M, on days pre
vious io sai'in/.
For further i articulars inquire of
ilAttKlS, AlWOUD&CO.,
mr23«itt 113 Commercial St.
Mt, Desert _and Machias AHRAXOKMBST.
two tripTFer week.
The favorite steamer LKWI8
[ v TUN, Ghas. Deering. Master, will
/. —* « *\leave Rai'road Whan foot ot Star#
•*yr~3£rS '*~¥.* , . «*«»y Tawdar ami
‘** *' •••«*•» Teniug, at 10 o'clock,
or on arrival ot Steamboat Express Train from Boston,
lor .Mac taeport touching at Kock land, Gas tine. Deer
1st*. Sedgwick, Mt. Dejcrt, MillWridge und Jones*
Ket nrning,will leave Mucliiasport every Honda j
und I hnradav fl»risintg>at 6 o’clock,!ouebisg at
the a Ik r**-nanied landings.
Stcan»er Lewi-ton wi'l receive Freight lor the
landings on Penobscot River, (as tar aa the ice will
permit) to be re-sblppcd at AockUud by Sanford's
For Jnrther particulars inquire of
Bosa jc.vhjkj o ant.
I7*>Cnmuten-i*' Street,
niarlO-fltf General Agent.
[William E. Dennison. Master, win
rlcave Railroad Wharf toot ot State St.,
FRIDAY Evening at 10 o'clock (commencing the
Illth inst ) tor Bangor, touching at ltocktand, Cam*
d*n, Belfast. Searsport, Sandy Point, Buckiport,
Winteri ort and Hampden.
Retumini*, will leave Bangor, every MONDAY.
W EDNESDAY, and Fill DAY, morning at G o’clock
| touching at the above n.m-d landings.
For further paiticulars inquire of RUSS & STUK
t DIYANI 1'9Coniniercla* •*>.,or
CVltUS STURDIVANT, General Ageut.
Port laud Apt il U, Io70. dtt
I------ -
For Halifax ,__N ova Scotia.
! -V Steamships CHASE or
-:I. CARI.OTTA will ltaee Galt's
I -/ -i M  Wharf everv
I 'US7** '■ i t»al 4 I*. VI.. lor direct,
j making close connections wub ttie Nova Scotia Iiali
i way Co.,R»r Windsor, Truro, New Glasgow ami **ic
| tou, N. S.
Reluming will leave Pryor’s Wharf, Halifax, «y
e»rv Tnpgtluk at 4 P M
Cabin passage, with State Room, $7.00
Meals extra.
Tbtoufch tickets may be bad onboard tc above
For further particulars apply to L. BILLINGS,
Atlantic Wharf, or
Nov. 27-tt_
Hednced Kates.
g^asgjg For California,
Overland via. Pacific ttailroad.
Or by Steamer via. Panama to San »rancisco.
Through tickets lor tale at HEDLi.'KD
KATE., by
W. I>. LITTLE & CO.,
ocd*wlwis-loslf 49 1-2 Exchange itreet.
The new and superior sea-going
steamer* JOHN BROOKS ani
MONTREAL, having been t tted
up at great expens- with a large
'number oi beaulitul State Rooms,
will run the season a* follows:
Leaving Atlantic Whan, Pertlanu. at 7 o’clock,
and Indie Whan, Boston, every dav at 7 o’clock P.
M, (Snmiuvs excepted.)
Cabin taro,. $1.50
1***.. 1.00
Freight taken as nsual«
Mav 1,1459-dtf *
Norfolk and Baltimore 8teani3hi 1 r.iiiw.
Steamships of this Line sail trom end
» ajjfcpof Central Wharf, Boston, Twice a
tor  or folk• and Baltimore
"C*orye Amnia,* lupt. Solomon Howes.
*• William Lawrence,1 (apt. Wm A IJa/lett.
‘‘William k'tnuedy,** (apt J. C. Barker. Jr.
I “McClellantaut. Frank M. Howes.
Freight lorw wiled from Nurfotk 10 Petersburg and
, Bichmond, by river or jail; and by the Va. ff Tenn.
Air Line to all p nni* iu Virginia, Tennessee. Ala
bama and <leoryia; him over the Sen boo id *11J Koa
noke It. It to all point* in North and South Carolina,
bv the Balt. 4* Ohio It. It. to Washington and all
placts West.
Through rares given to South and West.
FiuePassenger acco elutions.
Fare including Berth anu Meals $*5.00; time to
Norfolk, 48 hours. To Baltimore W hours,
if or further information apply to
E. SAMPSON, Agent,
iuy18dlm 3-1 Central Wharf, Boston•
For New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore.Wash
ing too, and all the principal points
West, South ai d South-West,
Yin Tonitt»it, Van Btver mmd Aewpsrt.
Cabin, $5,00; l>ech $l.ou Bapeage checked
through and rrarsterred in N Y tree ot charge.
New York trains leave lbeO!o Colony aud New
port Bail wav Depot, corner ol Soui b aud Kneelaud
streets.daily, (suud«ys ex. opted,»as loliows: at 4.30
P M, arriving iu Fall River 40minute* in advance ot
the regular Steamboat Train, which leave Boston
at 3 3ft P M, connecting at Kail River with tbe
new ;iii" uiagnitKeiil s rumeis Paoviorwcc. Cant.
B. AI. Simmons Bristol Capt A. Simmons.—
These steamers ate th. taslest and mos* reliable
boats on 1 lie Stand, built expresdy tor speed, sa'ety
ami com 1 ort. 'Jbis lire connects with ail the South
ern Boats ami Rdlroad Lines Tom New York going
West and South, and convenient to the Cal llorLia
Shipper* of Freight.” this Line, with
Its new anti extensive depm accommodations in Bos
ton, aud iar e ptei in New York, (exclusively for tbe
business 011 he Line), is supplied wnh taciliiies tor
freight and passeugei business which cannot be sur
pass cl. t rei/bt always taken at low rates and lor
waided with dispatch.
New York fc.xj res* Train leaves Boston at 1.30 P
M; goods arrive in New York next mori^ng about 6
A M. Freight leaving New York roaches Boston on
the following day at 9.45 a M.
For tickets, berths ami staterooms, apply at the
company’s ottice at No 3 Old State Bouse, corner ot
Washington and State streets,ami at Old Colony and
Newpoit Railroad Uepot, corner of South and Knee
lands* reels, Boston.
r>tearner* leave New York .Inllv tftnn.tav*
ed) Iron. i*tcr du 'orih Hirer, lootot Chamber
»t, ai 5.00 F At.
Ceo. Sin vekkk, Passenger and Freight Agent.
JAMES MbK, JR. Pi widen*
M. R. SIMONS, Managing Director N'arragansett
Steaaj>h'n Co.
; NovSdlyr
International Steamship Go.
Enstpnrt, Calais and St.John,
Sjirlug Arrangement.
On and afler THUKSDAT,
March 31st, the steamer New
York, Capt. E. B. Winches
, ter and the Steamer New Eng
„ Capt. E. Field, will leave
KalRoa'I Whari, loot 11« .-treei, every MON
DAY anil 1 H L RsDAY, at 0 o'clock p M ior East
port ami St. John.
Returning will leave St. John anil Easiport on
same days
Connecting at Eastport with Steamer BELLE
BROWN, lor bt. Andrews and Calais and with
N. B. & C. Railway lor Woonstock and llonlion
Connecting at St. Jobu with the Stoan er EM
PRESS lor Digby and Annapolis, thence by nil to
Windsor and Halim* and with the E. <* N. A.
Railway tor Scbediac aud intermediate stations.
» freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’
c’oek P. M.
mr£>dislw dtf A. R. STUBBS, Agent.
Shortest Route to New York.
Inside Line via Stoningion.
„ jf*. From Boston and Providence Rall
i,ua,on Bt 5*30 o’clock, P. M.,
(Sundays excepted) connecting with
rocyr.^T. . -rf new and elegant Meamers at Sroning
tou a ini aiming in New York in ini* mi early
trains Soiuli and W ear and ahead of all other Ltnet.
In case 01 Fog or Siotdi, passengers by paying $1.
extra, can take flic Nighi Expiess drain via. bhore
Lin**, leaving Stouingc n at 11.30 P M, ana reaching
New York before 6 o’clock A. M.
J. W. RICHaRDSuN, Agent,
apJGdtl 134 W ashington bt, Boston.
air » — . i m
mume cLuirnsnip company
Weekly Line t
t On and a»t*-r the 18fh Inst, the fine
^ 4 *■ .^ Stwiuici Uirigt and Franconia, will
,vw-j ur»tn furtuir notice, run as follows*
itu Rsdav'. ais*,'. M’.rk* eTery a0SWY “<*
JSS.iM-rr.“J‘rn,"c,*“ *'* "Pwlth tin*
.-.ommo.ia ions tot passengers, making this tha
between N.’w Votl’ ndU'ii,",r.mbl*I,,m* ,or tr»V*,e"
S,ea"“i';,',“ Sui* K,"’n' *ft- c*i,n •«,
Oih> 8 lor warn e> to ami iron) Mont/tal, Ooebec.
Halu »x. M. elolin, and all pans «.t Maine. Shippers
»re requested to send iheir freight to the Steamers
w early »s» » p. m, on the days they leave Foi l land,
rur freight or passant* apply to
MEN BY FOX, (halt’s Wharf, Portland
J. F. A MEs, Pier 38 E. K. New York
May 9-1 •» *
e» r* THE SfKfTlsn A NORTH
Ssd/Xjslf‘^ between NEW YORK and
Wrl iVECmSfcf i.I V RK POOl ., calling at Cork Harbor.
J.% V A. Wed. May 11. ( SA MAU1 A. Th. May 2f.
CAL v BUI A, Sal. “ 14. I BATAVIA, Saf. “ 28.
aCOI'lA, Wed. “ 18. ' RUSSIA, Wed. Juno 1.
I'UUKA.Thuis. *• 19 I ALEPPO, Tlmrs. •• 2.
MAKAI 2.. I NEWESIS, Sat. “ 4.
CUBA, Wed. *« 2 | CHINA, Wal. •• 2.
By the Wednesday steamers, not carrying emigrants
Eint Calm,.’‘mlgold
First fabio to Pori.«.. .$144. gold.
By Thursday and Saturday Steamers,
! Bitst cabin.$an, gold steerage. $so... cmrer.ey.
A steamer ol this line leaves Liverpool tor Boston
every Tuesday, bringing ireiglit and passengers <11*
‘'sieerige ticket* rrom Liverpool or Queenstown
snd ..111 arts in s urope, at lowest ia>rs ^
Through bills ul Lading given tor Bellast. Gtascow
Hav e. Antwerp, and o her ports on the Coni inent:
and lor Mediterancun pm is. *
'“l’;“ ^ny St the compa*
A«cnt.m ’ u Btoaa*91- James Alexander,
g{»gSnS*'passage apply to I.AWRENC* *
tt i a A, 10 Broad at., Boston. noln’SSnodtl
fW”OLD PAPERS for sale at effle*.


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